I See Red Set To Be Released Later This Month

I See Red Set To Be Released Later This Month

The game, called Gameforge, and Whiteboard Games, has confirmed that it will be available on PC in just a few weeks. The rogue-lite twin-stick shooter has developed a few months ago, as you''ll encounter some of the most difficult spaceships you''ll encounter, using everything in sight as your weapon. As well as developing innovative strategies to deal with changing situations, check out the latest trailer below.

You can wreak havoc and bring entire ships to their knees. Everything you can interact with, you can destroy. Every cover and detail can wreak havoc on your part. You can also protect your enemies by using this tool to your advantage. You may even execute your enemies with your own, bare hands.

Fight your way through the entire galaxy, invading spaceships powered by humans, robots, and aliens, each with their own weapons, augments, and more. Every time you initiate a new playthrough, you will be able to complete challenges to learn new unexplored paths, stronger abilities, fearless enemies you''ve never encountered before, and more. Make your runs more diverse every time you start anew and discover new methods of vengeance!

In return, you''re an outlaw traveling through space, infinite and black, in search of the person who subjected you to such unspeakable suffering. Despite this, you''re so focused on your quest, which keeps your surroundings visible. In return, however, your targets now appear all the clearer to you, constantly glowing in RED. Corrupted on the inside, you''re hell-bent on discovering what they did to do you this way.

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