A Holocaust Graphic Memoir of Hope and Survival: The Girl Who Sang

A Holocaust Graphic Memoir of Hope and Survival: The Girl Who Sang

A new middle-grade graphic memoir by Holocaust survivor Estelle Nadel with Bethany Strout is produced by Sammy Savos, who plays it in a tight-knit Jewish family in a small Polish village. The memoir reveals Estelle''s once-happy childhood, its abrupt breakdown when the Nazis invaded Poland in 1939. A disturbing tale of survival, loss, new beginnings, and immeasurable kindness.

Estelle Nadel was forced to flee her sister, her brother, and her brother until she was sentenced to prison in Poland. Then, she discovered that her father, her older brother, and their older sister had all been murdered. She has written her story a number of times, but she is still trying to make a documentary.

Bethany Strout, a co-writer at Spotify, was a licensed licensing director, who started the music publishing business OrangeSky when she was acquired editor at Findaway. And Sammy Savos, a comic book writer, is also a storyboard artist who has performed on shows at Cartoon Network, Titmouse Inc. and ShadowMachine.

Mekisha Telfer of Roaring Brook has purchased world rights to, and her publication will take place in the winter of 2024. On behalf of In This Together Media, Estelle Nadel and Bethany Strout''s agent Jessica Regel represented the authors, and Sammy Savos'' agent Charlie Olsen represented him.

The Roaring Brook Press is part of Holtzbrinck Publishers, which has already a graphic novel imprint First: Second, but is now expanding its own central graphic novel list for children.

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