Drew Ford of Its Alive Press, who died yesterday, aged 48

Drew Ford of Its Alive Press, who died yesterday, aged 48

Bleeding Cool covered this week the hospitalization and death of Drew Ford, the publisher of It''s Alive Press, who was diagnosed with COVID-19-caused pneumonia, as well as his wife, Kiki De Coeur, and the GoFundMe appeal, which has been established in her name.

Nick Cagnetti, the author of ''The Alive Press,'' has tweeted: ''Drew Ford was the first person to ever take a chance on my work, shocked and saddened to hear of his death. Totally unavoidable and too young, covid is horrified. If you can, send his wife''s way,'' says the creator.

Dana Andra said, "The sudden passing of Drew Ford, the world''s most powerful comic book, is horrified beyond words, and his wife is left to pick up the pieces. Please give something if you can."

"IT''S ALIVE!" The publisher, Drew Ford, passed away due to Covid related pneumonia. Like many, Drew didn''t have insurance before he passed. His wife, Kiki, is in need of your help if you can afford it.

"It was a pleasure to collaborate with Drew during his time working with IDW and can attest to his dedication and commitment to the preservation and re-presenting of archive works. Devastated for his family. I hope he is in good health.

"Drew and I work as publishers, finding past items that should be available." Nat Gertler was more aggressive in style, brought back many worthwhile works, sometimes biting off more than he could chew. "Perfect, you should wear your masks, folks."

"I never met Drew Ford. I did some commissions for him in the past. Always grateful. Today I found out he passed. Just like that. Covid pneumonia took him and damaged him. God bless his wife. After seeing him in a hospital bed with the tubes and unconscious. then seeing him not here This one really shook me for some reason."

"I''m very sorry to hear of Drew Ford''s death, which includes work by Sam Glanzman, and more through his IT''s ALIVE imprint," wrote John Freeman. A statewide GoFundMe program has been launched to assist his wife, Kiki, with his medical bills, but Drew''s insurance has had to be canceled. If you know of Drew''s work, please provide support if you can, according to the author.

I worked with Drew Ford wherever I could and he frequently tried to resurrect a number of his projects. Whether it was resurrecting Sam Glanzman''s career and notability before his death, or returning old-fashioned favorites like or from a time when Drew Ford was still publishing his own independent comic, as well as the anticipated but now, I guess, on hold reprint of Bryan Talbot''s, which DC Comics never did. I had discovered there had been fulfilment difficulties for

Through GoFundMe, more than a hundred people including Clayton Cowles, John Price, David Pepose, Sean Kleefeld, Marie Javins, Danielle Ward, Steve Lieber, Felipe Sobreiro, Dana Andra, Steve Seagle, Bill Tucci, Bob Greenberger, Jeffery Patrick, and Joe Pruetz, who donated a thousand dollars. This is a fraction of the $50,000 individuals who are attempting to raise Drew Ford had no medical insurance when he died.

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