The First Appearance Of Spider-Clone Ben Reilly In Before Dark Web

The First Appearance Of Spider-Clone Ben Reilly In Before Dark Web

Well, they didn''t know this would be Ben Reilly back then. Peter Parker, who was meant to have passed on, would be revived in the nineties. When Peter Parker was discovered to be the real Peter Parker, until that was revealed to be a mistake when an Marvel editorial completely changed their mind about the matter. well, it all began here, in #149, and is currently with bids totaling $164. For the time being.

The Amazing Spider-Man #149 (Marvel, 1975) CGC VF+ 8.5 White pages.Origin and "death" of the Jackal. First appearance of the Spider-Man clone. Gwen Stacy clone appearance. Gil Kane cover. Overstreet 2022 VF 8.0 value = $96; VF/NM 9.0 value = $211. CGC census 9/22: 173 in 8.5, 701 higher.

This comes ahead of Ben Reilly''s return, which he recently headed through the comic book while Peter Parker was incapacitated. Felled to the ground by the corporation controlling him. And now resurrecting with fellow rejected clone Madelyne Pryor in the upcoming Spider-Man/X-Men event, Dark Web, the existence of which Bleeding Cool returned in February. Might this event draw a spotlight on Ben Reilly''s roots almost fifty years ago once more?

Spider-Man and the X-Men are working together to bring back the evil spirits of Inferno across the Marvel Universe, and the story will be covered by two one-shots, subtitled Dusk and Dawn, and will continue in the pages of Zeb Wells'' run.

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