Roggenrola Community Day is the subject of a Pokemon GO event

Roggenrola Community Day is the subject of a Pokemon GO event

In the last month, Roggenrola Community Day brought this rare spawn to prominence. Was this Community Day a fun, one-day event or did it pale in comparison to previous events? Let''s get back to it.

What worked for this event

  • Roggenrola choice: I have always voiced a preference for the traditional, old-school Community Day structure, which generally feature a Pokemon that has not had its Shiny released. However, I completely embrace Roggenrola Community Day even though Roggenrola had already had a Shiny release due to the rarity of this Pokemon. The quality of this line of Shinies is also quite strong, with Gigalith''''s blue glowing rocks standing out as an all-time great Shiny.
  • Meteor Beam: Gigalith was given a useful Rock-type Charged Attack with its Community Day movie, Meteor Beam. Since Roggenrola Community Day, I have seen Gigalith''''s place on multiple Raid Guides rise dramatically in the ranks. This makes Roggenrola Community Day not just a strong one-off event, but overall a net positive for.
  • Extra bonuses: In the past, Community Days had one main bonus feature, sort of like a Spotlight Hour. Then, when Niantic decreased the timing of Community Day back to three hours from the expanded six, they added multiple bonuses. For example, in this list, the event bonuses included 1/4 Hatch Distance for Eggs, double Catch Candy, three-hour Incense, two Special Trades, double chances to earn Candy XL from catching, three-hour Lure Modules, and half Stardust required from trades.

What didn''''t work for this event

  • Nothin''''!


When it comes to it, Roggenrola Community Day was a solid day of gameplay as well as an overall improvement to Gigalith, which already has such a powerful and powerful Pokemon, which makes the game overall better.

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