Episode 1 of Housing Complex C: "Optical Illusion": "Anime We Needed"

Episode 1 of Housing Complex C: "Optical Illusion": "Anime We Needed"

Toonami has played a key role in western viewers'' introduction to anime for over 25 years, bringing together some of the finest genre titles of our time. This year, the anime block''s recent transition into the complex horror genre through a four-part series titled presents an exciting opportunity for next-gen viewers. Fortunately, the new anime appears to have several fundamental components that should be perceived as horrifying, bloody, and frighteningly bold in appearance, so you don''t want to miss this one.

Right from the beginning, there''s a keen desire to despise into more horror cinematic patterns, allowing for a perfectly positioned location to focus. Kimi, a young girl who resides in a complex in Kurosaki, and eagerly befriends another young lady who has moved to the area. However, unlike any solid horror story, the day-to-day existence of this small town is quickly shaken up, courtesy of a new mysterious faction that may or may not be linked to the

From that point on, the tonal discomfort starts off and expands towards the hype of other admirable horror media entries like and S, titles that are easily some of the most remarkable genre offerings with their own unique sense of lore. The appropriately titled episode "Optical Illusion" has established a solid foundation for its introductory chapter and has more than enchanted our desire to stick around for the duration of the anime event.

The daytime backdrop combines elements of character into a more intimate atmosphere, thus allowing viewers to create different experiences within the comfort of the endearing inhabitants of the complex. For example, the town''s daytime appearance is quite calm and tranquil, with the ability to rapidly pivot and display bold horror artwork that regains its darkness.

Each member of the English voice cast (including Xanthe Huynh, Kayli Mills, and Jake Eberle) really dives into the story with a clear understanding of their instantly inviting characters, which often involves plenty of polarizing similarities to the character, although in the first episode, the series'' two young people go from naive children to hyper-aware protagonists without missing a beat, establishing that even the dialogue intends to catch viewers off guard as often as possible.

The title on Toonami, which is now available on HBO Max for the following day, has put in enough work to enquire viewers and, from our perspective, is starting off as a rollercoaster.

The Toonami title will be released for the next three weeks on Toonami''s weekend block, and is directed by Yuji Nara with the script and the original idea by amphibian, as shown in the animation studio Akatsuki. It is also executive produced by Jason DeMarco (Warner Bros. Discovery) and produced by Maki Terashima-Furuta (Production IG USA).

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