"A Quiet Beginning" For My Hero Academia S06E01 Is Anything But: Review

"A Quiet Beginning" For My Hero Academia S06E01 Is Anything But: Review

The sixth season of the series of Crunchyroll has come to an end: climbing suspense, action, and a little tweak to make things fun. The previous season, however, had been somewhat of a disappointment: the League of Villains joined with the Meta Liberation Army, and how powerful Shigarakis is with their backing along with Doctor Kyudai Garaki who committed many crimes. We also got additional questions on One For All and its changes coming through Deku.

Although I was very pleased with the OVAs we had during the summer, this first episode of the sixth season delved right into the action: no fluff, no happy times at UA or silliness just straight-up BAM! I think it must be my favorite first episode in a season of as they usually tend to be very light-hearted. This time, they did not feel the need to go back and forth to discuss story concepts.

Since Endeavor''s hands were on, the heroes are divided into two groups, one of whom is a very nervous Kinoko & Kaminari. I think it was very sweet of Midnight to hold her hands and give some encouragement while remaining it true.

While Endeavor''s team evacuates the hospital, and his duties to Mirko, along with some of his fellow doctors, are lifted. As I remember, Mirko takes the lead in discovering the real doctor. I am so pleased that they are finally giving us a chance to see how badass Mirko is. I love her and her wicked smile. With the help of All For One, we now have a little bit of a cliffhanger.

The ending was fantastic; it seemed to me that I enjoyed the plot and the narration. Not to mention I like the intro and outro songs and videos, but there seem to be little tweaks that might reveal what we expect from our heroes and villains. The episode did a great job of getting me ready for this season by presenting an early sense of tension and dexterity.

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