Apple's Spy X Family E13 Operation: Our Fave Fake Fam The Forgers Return

Apple's Spy X Family E13 Operation: Our Fave Fake Fam The Forgers Return

The second part of the game is now streaming on Crunchyroll, and with it, our favorite fake family is back. Episode 13, "Operation Apple," brings us back like they never left and just flowed organically from moment one. It was a fantastic episode that only reminded us of the growing tension between Westalis and Ostania; and how the Westalis Intelligence (WISE) has put together Operation Strix to ensure that tension is eased. Moreover, it took us right till the beginning

Agent Twilight is recruited by Wise to infiltrate Donovan Desmond''s closest circle by assembling a fake family in order to enter Eden Academy. So far, the operation has been successful, and Anya has gained her first honor star. In the meantime, Lois is emailed in on details of a terrorist act being planned, and he assists in getting intel for WISE.

Things take a bit of a journey as they can identify a group who had planned to set up these dogs who had undergone IQ testing with bombs in order to assassinate the Minister of Westalis. Keith and his group have already begun their hands on the dogs, and the mission is on its way to being implemented. On her own, anya, however, is being able to read his mind and realizes that the dog already knows her and treats her whole family. She is now surprised and confused by

Anya has now encountered a lair where Keith and his group of friends are hiding with the dogs during their terrorist raid. This moment, Anya has understood everything and is caught by one of Keith''s men. In the process, the fluffy dog immediately jumps to defend her, and she realizes that the dog is capable to see the future beautiful for the Forgers. They, naturally, get Yor''s attention, and the show kicks back as she threatens Keith.

This episode of this show is absolutely stunning and fun, and I just cannot get enough of it. The art and animation are just wonderful, and the new intro and outro are equally so dreamy. I can''t wait to see what the show will bring next.

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