Season 1 Episode 4 Review of Andor: It's Time To Get Away From The Empire

Season 1 Episode 4 Review of Andor: It's Time To Get Away From The Empire

The first three episodes of Lucasfilm and Disney+ have put everything up, but with episode four, we are shifting into a more relaxed viewing experience, with the show beginning to take on a more week-to-week approach. Now it''s time to see Cassian off-world and fighting the Empire in a new way that he wasn''t expecting. Or, in this case, the same way but on a larger scale because it''s time for a heist.

Ocean''s Eleven Star Wars Style Is Teeing Up

Cassian stated when Luthen was looking for him for stealing from the Empire, and he was admitted to this as a thief. It appears that he will continue this journey as he is a last-minute addition to a crew looking to steal a huge amount of money from a base. Naturally, the situation is almost impossible, and no one trusts each other entirely, but they only have a shot. This is a show trying to investigate the side of the rebelling that the filmmakers

Because that movie had a very broad story that should be told, it also reveals how much you need intel if you''re going to send in the Han Solo''s and Luke Skywalker''s and Leia Organa''s, but it isn''t very exciting. This next series of posts seems to be leaning into the assumption that war is boring until it''s not.

It''s a bit sad to see Cassian''s arc lean so heavily toward Cassian''s arc in these early episodes of. Both Cassian and Jyn were not exactly depicted as opposites since Cassian and Jyn were mercilessly hurting or killed him after many years of losing. This isn''t surprising that Cassian might start off with enthusiasm for the fight and then try to return to it again for the entire season, but we haven''t seen that yet. It''s

The Last Big Player Enters The Game

During episode 4, there is also a clear indication that the main cast members will be introduced. One of them is Supervisor Dedra Meer (Ben Bailey Smith) of the Imperial Security Bureau. She is fascinated by Syril''s attempt to catch Cassian on Ferrix and sees the possibility for something bigger to be discovered. However, Dedra is concerned that this isn''t going to be an easy fight for her to prove that this is appropriate. Major Partagaz, played by Anton Lesser, proves why you hire

We get to see Mon Mothma (Genevieve O''Reilly) in all of its glory when it has been under the Empire for a long time, and it appears that he will be hanging around since he doesn''t have a job anymore. We''ll see Mon going through the Senate and playing a dangerous game of hiding in plain sight, considering that she makes it all right.

The contrast between this Coruscant and the one we saw in those films many years ago is crucial because we need to see how things have changed under the Empire, and making things so simple, white, and utilitarian is one way to go about it. If the city looks like a jail or a hospital, we will not trust it, and we shouldn''t because there is something underneath those pristine white uniforms.

Still Unclear IfAndor Can Stick The Landing

The amount of time it will be spent on characters at Coruscant, as well as following around them. Sometimes this episode felt like a soft pilot in a way that is an interesting choice. However, this episode is still a little too early to say if it''s going to work out on the pacing issues next week, and it will not be a bad thing. In the end, the show has the time to doin the Star Wars universe, but we''ll have to see what we end up getting.

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