New Gameplay Footage Video for Throne & Liberty

New Gameplay Footage Video for Throne & Liberty

NCSOFT is gearing up for their next MMORPG by sending out new gameplay footage to everyone. This is a concern given the company''s progress from 2024 through mid-2023. First, the game was an internal playtest that included several NCSOFT employees, which included a number of open-world boss fights. This included a video from the company that you can read on the game. We are patiently waiting to hear more about the storyline.

NC''s 3,000 employees and executives participated in a company-wide internal test of the upcoming massively multiplayer online role-playing game Throne & Liberty today. The video includes some character creation, exploration, and some large-scale encounters with big world bosses and extensive PvP castle sieges, with many players on screen competing to lead their side to victory.

"The massive playtest, which involved tens of thousands of employees, received tons of positive feedback about "game content" and competitiveness, according to North Carolina''s principal development manager, Moon Young Choi. "We will continue to focus on improving game content, taking into account all of our internal feedback, before the game''s release next year."

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