Curses Of Shoddy Writing and Great Visuals in Two Witches Review

Curses Of Shoddy Writing and Great Visuals in Two Witches Review

The first feature from writer-director Pierre Tsigaridis, which is now available on Arrow Films, has been released. Rebekah Kennedy (), Kristina Klebe (), Belle Adams (), and Tim Fox were some of the stars of this dark horror film, although the narrative differences made it all off course.

After an ill-advised attempt to consult a Ouija board toallayher worries, Sarah is convinced that she has been given the evil eye from an amysteriousblank-eyed oldhag. During her time at school, dark forces develop.Meanwhile, Rachel and her new roommate have been reunited.

The majority of Two Witches crosses between conflict and clarity in the whole story. While incorporating a horror film into "chapters" might be fun, it makes more sense to do it in "parts" since there are only two of them and an epilogue (which isn''t an official chapter), however it grew from a rough place and depended on some excellent visuals to help lift and distract from difficult conclusions.

While some of the acting felt very cringe, others pulled out some amazing emotional and intense moments. The entirety of Two Witches felt like it might have been a short film attempt rather than a long-term film as it was. Unfortunately, it ended up becoming incomplete with how the plot and connection between the two chapters and epilogue completely fell apart.

Although Two Witches might have fun with witches in the horror genre, the second one felt like it would have reached out to the plot. Overall, this film was shaken down by its dismal plot structure and was saved only by the visual talents on the screen.

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