During the Steam Next Fest, Earth from another Sun will have new cosmetics

During the Steam Next Fest, Earth from another Sun will have new cosmetics

Multiverse Studios, an Indie developer, has revealed that they will be offering up new cosmetics for. So far, the game hasn''t been fully released; so far, it''s difficult to get a free demo with a few areas to explore and conquer. This is because they were hesitant to release the demo earlier for the next Steam Next Fest. However, the team will also offer up exclusive cosmetics for the event during that time.

Anyone who downloads the new Steam Next Fest demo on four different days between October 3rd and October will receive a limited edition Stygian Stasis Exo Suit in their inventory, which you may use when the whole game is released. This is the only way you can obtain this cosmetic item set. The company also released a new trailer for the game, as we have some details below.

Today''s new trailer reveals fresh insights into planetary environments, choices on how to utilize amassed power within the solar system, as well as the kinds of combat encounters commanders can encounter with fellow soldiers and huge mechs. The new version also includes additional missions, revamped zones, and explorable locations, as well as a host of co-op dungeons.

Explore an enormous galaxy open world with opportunities. Meet a tumultuous variety of friendly or hostile NPCs, complete missions to gain power and notoriety necessary for the advancement of one''s power. Choose between a broad variety of diplomatic opportunities, from seeking control through military interventions, political coalitions, or pirate enterprises. Hire troops, purchase weapons, and build a strong army to begin the quest to dominate parts of the immense sandbox. Occupy planets, space stations, and giant space fortress

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