Hellraiser Among An International Crop For Fantastic Fest Check-In 3

Hellraiser Among An International Crop For Fantastic Fest Check-In 3

Tony Salvaggio of the Castle of Horror Podcast is on the ground in Austin, where he talks with Jason about the third batch of new films Tony highly recommends. We''ll be reviewing more on the site once more.

The Fest in Austin, where actors from the UK are looking for hairdressers, is a thriller comedy. Tony reports that filmmakerThomas Hardiman was swept through Austin looking for hair specialists to come to watch the film.

Anna Bogutskaya of Fantastic Fest says she''s "so far away."

In his debut film, British writer-director Thomas Hardiman (previously known by his moniker Dear Mr. Quistgaard) continues the disco bizarreness of his short films, which include a love story set against the backdrop of the British carpet industry () and a gruesome acid trip where you can almost smell the hair spray and a script that transforms a toxic workplace into something nuclear.

A 14-year-old girl who has been traveling folkloric horror in search of a cure for her sister''s illness has arrived in Mexico.

Fantastic Fest''s Annick Mahnert said he''s done the job:

Isaac Ezban, a fantastic Fest fan, is dissecting from science fiction and the genre he explored in his first three films ( Taking the Dominican legend of the Baca as a starting point, Ezban subtly adapts it, giving a Mexican folklore touch that transforms a clear friendship with the enemy into something more sinister. Paola Miguel, a 14-year-old actress, is also very active in her excellent performance as Nala, her older sister protecting her younger sister

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Tony argues that his work is far more than meets the eye, but what meets the eye is "easily the bloodiest action movie I''ve ever seen."

Pierce Conran of Fantastic Fest says: "It''s not a joke."

The phrase "Korean on a boat" may come to mind, but while it hits some of the same pleasing notes early on, this unhinged slice of genre mayhem quickly turns into a very different beast. When the knives and guns start falling, they never stop.

Check out the trailer:

At the height of the COVID epidemic, a science fiction dramedy about a former alien abductee looking to reconnect with her abductors.

According to Austin King of Fantastic Fest, the following is a follow-up.

This is not a film with nice, friendly individuals who always make the most polite or kind choices, but it''s much better and more authentic for this. Even without the possibility of aliens, a country and a man grappling with the institutions and leaders'' difficulties, leaving wondering if there is any solution that does not involve leaving the galaxy altogether.

Check out the Trailer:

Apocalyptic science fiction comedy based in France, which started as a popular web series.

Anna Bogutskaya of Fantastic Fest claims to be right:

The feature film adaptation, based on the same name''s hyper-successful web series, which includes brothers Raphael and Francois Descraques, who together with their leading actor, Florent Dorin, form the collective Frenchnerd, is an irreverent take on time travel with the echos of. A nerdy comedy of time errors with a distinct French flavor, offers some excellent, old-fashioned science fiction romance wrapped in internet humor.

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Tony says that Jamie Clayton as "the Priest" is a special surprise for him as "Pinhead" who has been reimagined here, as well as many of the universe''s rules.

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Tony blasts this meta thriller for a variety of reasons, especially if you''ve seen Filipino action films of the late 20th century. The film also features a disgraced director returning to produce a new film, revealing the contributions of female actors, actors, and others to the genre.

The Austin King of Fantastic Fest claims that it is the following:

Sheila Francisco, who develops her skill as a film, is a showcase for an incredible lead performance from her. Francisco takes Leonor''s perseverance and commitment to her as a team to combat a group of men who intend to kill her while adopting her love of film. As real life and Leonor''s movie merge together, the filmmaker and her family see how art can heal and assist grieving others, even in the face of a cheesy villain.

Check out the trailer:

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