Koei Tecmo and Electronic Arts Reveal New Beast Hunt Game Wild Hearts

Koei Tecmo and Electronic Arts Reveal New Beast Hunt Game Wild Hearts

Electronic Arts and Koei Tecmo have teamed up to have a brand new beast hunting title they''re calling. This is a feudal Japanese land in which the land is divided into many forms, and while you''re dealing with the political trauma that arises in this period of time, you''ll also be hunting and battling giant nature-infused beasts called Kemono. The games will be available on February 17th and 2023 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Origin

Players may explore the game''s tactical capabilities while pack hunting, joining other hunters in the United States, and then take on Kemono on their own. The game will feature voice overs in English, Japanese, Italian, and Spanish.

"Opens up a fascinating fantasy world to players that''s as untamed as it''s beautiful," said Yosuke Hayashi, the executive vice president of Koei Tecmo Games Co. LTD. "We also wanted to create a game where crafting was at the core of the experience, redefining what can be described in a beast hunting game." "We have placed great care in designing our Karakuri to fit in the combat, and we''re thrilled that players will utilize these powerful tools to

"EA Originals is a way to go for those who want to learn," Stuart Lang, vice president of Global Brand, Electronic Arts. "It''s a home for studio partners like Omega Force forging new ways to play from bold creative ideas, as well as for enthusiasts who like to discover untold stories and unseen worlds. We are excited to follow the wonderful and critically acclaimed It Takes Two, from Hazelight Studios, with the ingenious mechanics, giant nature-infused beasts, and

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