In 2023, The Lost & The Wicked will be released on consoles

In 2023, The Lost & The Wicked will be released on consoles

Top Hat Studios have confirmed this week that they will be selling the game to consoles sometime next year. The game has already been available on Steam since it was initially released in March 2022, generating a huge following from those who love the old-school Atari''s color while dealing with near-punishing difficulties. However, it does look like the game will be a great fit for consoles. Here''s all of the information we''ve received about the game.

" is a brutal twin-stick psycho-thriller. After a shipwreck, you face a shady world with no desire for who you are. Fight through a relaxed gameplay with a unique grunge art style and an original 2+ hour soundtrack as you discover your past and what you did to end up here. This story is a character study with themes of regret, facing your fears, and confronting your past. From the team of 3 that developed the first weed strain based of

The quiet before the storm Discover your past, who you are, how did you arrive here, and where you went? What are these creatures? The wicked get faster, stronger, and deadlier, but so does your arsenal. Unlock weapons and abilities as you continue on your journey and discover your past. These creatures seem stronger than the rest. "Fight unique bosses and increase your strength in the process."

The timetable is unclear when the game will arrive, or how many consoles it will be on. Considering the game, it would be awkward if it wasn''t included to the Nintendo Switch, as it feels like a fantastic addition to their indie collection. Enjoy the video below as we wait for the company to release new information.

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