Review of The Walking Dead Season 11 Ep. 17: Commonwealth Cracks

Review of The Walking Dead Season 11 Ep. 17: Commonwealth Cracks

We''ve reached the end of Sunday night with Greg Nicotero''s written and Julia Ruchman''s written, which included the first of its last eight episodes, and the rest of the show are now underway. However, when someone considers that the long-running global sensation would have gone smoothly into the series, "Lockdown," says the narrator. Negan (Josh Hamilton), says, "You must always put the sign on the face, and with the other side.

Thoughts and Observations on The Walking Dead S11E17 "Lockdown."

With a montage journey down memory lane, Jon Bernthal''s Shane joins Samantha Morton''s Alpha and David Morrissey''s governor. Too many fans try to explain him away or justify him. No, he certainly belongs to the "big bad" category and got what he deserves.

Glenn''s (Steven Yeun) fatality was as much as Daryl''s fault as Negan''s. I offer you a note, because if anything happens to Annie (Medina Senghore)? Yup, AMC has a one-man riot on its hands. She was in, people.

Accept it. Yes, seeing Daryl and Negan working together brings back memories of Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Daryl, right?

Lance is finally getting a better understanding of who he''s up against. "Contingency protocol on Daryl Dixon," says Lance. This time, a bullet wound to the shoulder, courtesy of Daryl.

LOLOLOLOL Hey, gotta respect a guy who doesn''t have "compensation problems," I guess right? Well, no one can say that Daryl isn''t attempting to kill Lance this time, by SUV.

Okay, we have a bad week. Let''s let that one sink it. And you know what? It''s really nice to see it.

Pamela Robins, who has returned to the Commonwealth, has a slew of concerns with the workers. They want Sebastian (Teo Rapp-Olsson) to pay for the crimes exposed by Connie, and they want justice right now. How long does Max''s (Margot Bingham) involvement in exposing Sebastian be reviewed?

Because this intercom speech defending her son isn''t working, who is promoting Pamela? Because this intercom speech teaches her son that the PR isn''t working.

I get where Rosita (Christian Serratos) is coming from, but Mercer also knows that having smart-minded people like her on his side can keep tensions from boiling over.

When Max and Yumiko say they want to keep things going, I''m reading it as both wanting to keep exposing what''s under Pamela''s watch as well as keeping the Commonwealth running. Which is a unique situation for our heroes to find themselves in. Can they be a scalpel instead of a machete?

"Well, why are you so good if no one else is playing by those rules?" Negan to Mercer, at the end of a great acting exchange between Morgan and Shaw. Hoping that we get more of those.

Before you have to rush to keep pancakes from burning, here''s all you need to know about how badass Carol is at this stage.

Fleming''s progress has been huge!

Uh-oh looks like Lance has his hit squad (chill dude and Fake Stephanie) on the back. I hope they''re not sending after anyone near and dear to Carol. Because Carol will not even give them the time to look at the flowers.

Yup, a "Contingency protocol on Daryl Dixon" was the correct term for "kill the kids."

McBride takes on a great Jamie Lee Curtis/feeling.

Serious props for Morgan''s depicting Negan''s first experience on the Commonwealth''s walls, and it just felt that Jerry (Cooper Andrews) would be the first person to (kinda) greet him.

There will not be too many phone calls going out to the Commonwealth, thanks to Maggie & Annie.

When Negan and Carol planned to put things into play, my "Giddy Geek Meter" went off the charts. Of course? Carol''s got contingency plans ready to play. But "insurance," anyway?

Yumiko just made a promise that she will not be able to keep and now, as well as concern for Connie''s safety.

Yumiko and Magna are all involved in this conversation, and I love how our family is tying together whatever they choose, and when they plan to escape, everything goes well.

Ahhhhh! Pamela is attempting to use a "walker swarm" as a weapon to impose a curfew and the Commonwealth''s martial law.

Yup, is this exchange between Carol and Negan where she tells him that it''ll be okay? Heartcrusher. Interesting how Carol left, almost like she was shocked over having an emotional moment with Negan.

"Glenn would''ve asked me to look after you. You don''t have to say sorry, not to me," Daryl tells Maggie after she declares him for having to kill Leah (Lynn Collins) during Part 2 of the 11th season.

When it comes to kids, Jerry made the save. Annie developed the "underground approach I''m really liking just how much the whole ensemble is playing in this episode''s action.

Maggie and Annie''s mother-boding moment once again demonstrates the show''s unique ability to convey complex human emotions even in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. Dammi. Now I''m sorry again.

Is that one walker? He looked like Freddy Krueger. Is it only me?


LOLOLOLOLOL Carol''s reaction to Negan saying to Sebastian how she can "tuck "bunnies out of her ass" when she wants to make things happen. F***ing is absolutely necessary!

Dammit! Sebastian got seen, so Carol had to flee with him when Negan took the place. During the time, tear gas was used on Commonwealth protesters, causing chaos in the streets.

Rosita''s extreme respect for being brutally honest about placing her family first and having no interest in the Commonwealth bullshit. We know Mercer more than understands where she comes from, and that offer to assist her get out? Powerful stuff.

Mercer became as close-and-personal as you can and still live as a result of a walker slaughter.

Carol has just delivered to Pamela the largest bargaining chip we have to play, and it looks like Carol''s proposing a deal for them to work together to punch Lance under the bus for everything. Locking in safety for our survivors in the process.

Damn! It''s not a cliffhanger ending! Everyone''s going, and Daryl''s knife has been attached to Lance''s throat.

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