Jerry's Worse-Than-Death Fate in Rick and Morty Season 6 Ep. 5

Jerry's Worse-Than-Death Fate in Rick and Morty Season 6 Ep. 5

Another episode of Dan Harmon & Justin Roiland''s has left us with a familiar sense that they still do not have a clue about what the episode is about. First, Rick and Jerry were on a mission together with a Fortune 500 business that required a "Sailor Moon" outfit transformation? But before we get started, we''re on the lookout for the "MAJOR SPOILERS HEAD!" sign and throwing down an image spoiler buffer before doing a deep dive into this week''

Thoughts on Rick and Morty Season 6 of Ep.5 "Final DeSmithation"

Panda Express, zoos, and the function to be a TikTok cult damn. Now that''s a start.

"You will have sex with your mother," Jerry says of Jerry''s fortune cookie and the conversation killer.

As for where might this be going? Uh-oh, you may say so.

Jerry''s gag reflex was ruined by Sleepy Gary.

The fortune of Jerry had a bit more power than expected. Which proved to be a lie because Rick was actually protecting Jerry in a very passive-aggressive way. It''s obvious that it''s not a lie after all.

I''m sure Panda Express is taking on the stage for a major crystal meth ring. Now, Rick and Jerry are tracking down where the fortune cookies came from from someone capable of doing some reality-altering things.

Yes, even Billy Zane

It''s interesting that a fate-for-profit corporation that controls outcomes is based on Rick''s point of view. I''m not going to lie that having the fortune cookies be upgrades was somewhat cool.

What the hell is so important about Jerry f***ing his mother? What will his father wear a Superman outfit?

So far, an Oedipal complex is emerging in the midst of an examination of the debate whether or not we can actually control "fate," or if Fate is a real (and unavoidable) thing. At least for now?

If Jerry''s fortune cookie fate is satisfied, it''s even more cool. And it''s all being fueled by an alien that feeds on chaos and makes huge fortune cookies.


While Rick shows us why fulfilling all of one''s wishes isn''t always a good thing, you have Jerry literally running from his destiny.

If you ever needed confirmation that Rick and Jerry are getting closer, look no further than how Rick punched Jerry and then slapped him. It was exactly the toxic "The Godfather" kiss on the check that brought him to a new level of dexterity.

END CREDITS: I appreciated how the family''s zoo narrative was handled with an abrupt conclusion: "It''s a human zoo."

So What Did We Think?

I appreciated how it defended the notion of fate, how we fool ourselves into thinking we can control it while giving way too much power to others in their daily lives. Exactly how Rick and Jerry''s new dynamic has impacted the series canon, and how it has improved since last season. Even though the Adult Swim series has never become much more successful, look at the difference between his Season 2 self and his Season 6 self. It''s just one of the things that make this series stand out.

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