Season 2 of Bloodlands: Our next episode air date, cast, plot, trailer, and everything we know

Season 2 of Bloodlands: Our next episode air date, cast, plot, trailer, and everything we know

Season 2 will be released on BBC One, following on from the first series, which gained around 8.2 million viewers. Now the thriller, set in Northern Ireland, returns for its second nail-biting series.

Fans of Season 1 failed to get enough of the game, starring James Nesbitt as the devout detective Tom Brannick, and they spotted themselves on the edge of their seats as a twisted cat-and-mouse game ensued. Brannick was seemingly more than ever to pursue justice for his previous crimes. However, there was a noticeable twist in the story, and the series is returning for more drama.

Here''s what we know about Season 2...

When will the next episode of Bloodlands season 2 be released on TV?

Season 2 of BBC One began airing on Sunday, September 18, at 9.05 pm. Each Sunday, new episodes will be aired at 9 pm, with the next one scheduled for Sunday, October 9, respectively.

Acorn TV has announced that the streaming service will be the exclusive home for the series in the United States, though a release date has not been confirmed at the time of writing.

*spoilers ahead* in the second episode of Bloodlands

Bloodlands series 2 episode one recap

Season 2 begins with a flashback to 1998, when Tom (presumably as Goliath) kills two people and recover rifles and gold bars. Then, we jump forward to the present day, and the investigation into Colin''s death is underway.

Tom returns home to retrieve a burner phone with messages from Colin about gold; he visits the last location Colin mentioned to Tom, but finds the drop-off empty.

Later, he and Niamh meet Colins wife Olivia Foyle to express his condolences to Colins'' previous wife, Michelle, and claims to be the client of Colins.

Jackie met after Colin was questioned about money laundering in connection with an 11 million robbery from the Irish Savings Bank in 2006. A car is sighted outside the estate, and Olivia lies and claims she didn''t know who it was, leaving the officers to race after the driver (later reveals to be Robert Dardis).

As the investigation opens, it becomes clear that Olivia is denying information about the incident; as it turns out, Olivia had been a client of Dardis for several months, and Colin was set to leave New York the morning after Colin was discovered missing. Dardis may also be involved, as the weapon used to kill Colin is believed to be military use, and he is an ex-boyfriend, plus he plays at a club with other bouncers who have done time for robbery.

Upon arriving at the factory, Tom finds an individual holding a firearm in a secret compartment in the Colins vehicle. It then shows Olivia and her information point to a storage unit. Then, Tom finds the same instances we saw in the flashback, but they are empty save for one rifle. Outside, Tom replies, asking for the gold back.

Bloodlands series 2 episode 2 recap

When Tom and Niamh ask Olivia what they find near the house where Rob Dardis is hiding, they discover and conceal Dardis'' pistol. Later, he discovers and conceals Dardis'' pistol and charges him for Colin''s murder. Later, he says that he''d sent the gold to him when he asked her about Dardis.

Although the date in the ledger is the first day of the first Goliath disappearance, Jackie Twomey advises Niamh to take the path ahead of him, threatening social services to take Dardis'' son away, allowing Dardis'' solicitor to request that he be released from jail because to consolation.

Dardis has been admitted to his family under surveillance. Shortly thereafter, someone fires his shed and their residence is moved to a new location, though Niamh separated Dardis and takes him to a different safe house as he is being targeted.

Tom approaches the safe house on the night out (and wearing a pair of trousers that match those photographs found at the scene of Colin''s murder). He claims to have thrown Dardis away after declaring that he isn''t safe.

Tom tries to enrage Dardis into revealing the location of the gold; during their conversation, Dardis confesses to killing Colin after he "lost his nerve" and alerts him that Tom was Goliath all along, prompting him to kill him and dump the body in a nearby lake.

Tom conceals Dardis'' phone and gun in his house. Someone from the storage facility calls Birdy about Unit 174. They go down to the facility and crack open the unit, confirming the two rifle cases. The other sniper rifle is still there, but it is confirmed that it was not Dardis''.

Olivia is taken into custody after she is seen on the cameras at the storage facility. Tom turns off the cameras in the interview room and goes to see her. He thinks she doesn''t know where the gold is being kept, but she smiles and offers something, even if she''s "very good at keeping secrets."

Bloodlands season 2 episode 3 recap

Tom checks Rob Dardis'' fuel card in episode 3, to see if they can learn more about his whereabouts leading up to the murder; secretly, he records Birdy''s login details for his own use, as he''s started working off-the-record with Olivia Foyle to trace the missing gold.

At Colin''s funeral, his children highlight that they do not trust Olivia. She reveals that Dardis was used in New York as a businessman, and that one of the locations picked up on Dardis'' GPS was a jeweler who was one of Colin''s clients. A search of the premises reveals that Lauren Fitzpatrick is working bullets and connected her to the murder.

Tom receives a link to Birdy''s log-in to request a trace on another of Rob Dardis'' cars, a silver Mercedes. One of the locations on the GPS is a yacht club, but Colin didn''t own a boat. Olivia receives a list of the members, and together she and Tom pick up Colin''s solicitor, Noel Timoney, on the list.

Tom visits Noel. He tells Tom that Colin had his will changed the day he was murdered; a conversation with Colin''s kids sees Tom learn that Olivia had been completely written out of the will. So, she agreed to this arrangement herself.

The forensics team visits Lauren once more, revealing that the gold bar was owned by Goliath, who was one of Colin''s clients. Niamh visits Jackie Twomey with this new information and argues that Goliath may be still there.

Niamh continues to investigate and identify who erupted at Rob Dardis'' house, although they have very little evidence to prove, except for a bootprint and a photograph of a hand throwing the petrol bomb.

Bloodlands series 2 cast: who''''s starring?

James Nesbitt has resurrected his role as the beloved detective of DCI Tom Brannick. Charlene McKenna () will play as DS Niamh McGovern, Lorcan Cranitch, and Lola Petticrew, as Brannick''s daughter Izzy and Chris Walley, and DC ''Birdy'' Bird will also play this season.

"I love working with Lorcan, Charlene, and Chris, but these scenes are extremely painful because of who Brannick is, how his lies, his duplicity, and his retaliation of them differ from what he and the force stand for, and how he has, in a sense, sold his soul. "Brannick realizes a lot of his self-hatred and self-loathing on them," says James.

Is there any new cast member on Season 2 of Bloodlands?

There are certainly people who join Victoria Smurfit as Olivia Foyle, an eccentric widow at the center of Brannicks'' latest case.

"Victoria and I first worked together on Cold Feet over 20 years ago, and that chemistry is still there on Bloodlands," James Nesbitt said of his new co-star. "Olivia is incredibly disarming, sexy, intelligent, frightening and cold. She prods away at Brannick''s vulnerability, revealing little chinks in his armour in an attempt to hide. I never knew anything about her - but then Brannick knows.

What''s the story for Bloodlands series 2 so far?

*Warning Season 1 spoilers below!

Tom Brannick (Nesbitt) is being called to investigate after a car is pulled from the river at Strangford Lough. As a postcard with an image of Belfast''s iconic Samson and Goliath cranes is discovered hidden in the wing mirror, Brannick tells senior officer Jackie Twomey (s Lorcan Cranitch) that he believes the legendary serial killer Goliath has returned. Its then revealed that one of the Goliath victims was Brannick''s own wife

What followed was a twisted cat-and-mouse game with Brannick who is seemingly more determined than ever to seek justice for Goliaths past crimes. In the finale episode, viewers learned Brannick WAS Goliath!

Where can we start the second installment of Bloodlands?

When the murder of a crooked accountant unravels a stream of greed that threatens to expose his identity as the legendary assassin, Goliath, DCI Tom Brannick (Nesbitt) and the accountants'' widow, Olivia Foyle, both have to keep their close friends secret.

As they strive to solve the riddle she left behind, and become more and more confronted with each other, Brannick and Olivia draw in DS Niamh McGovern, DCS Jackie Twomey, and Brannicks daughter, Izzy, until deception and betrayal force Brannick to wonder what lengths he will go to to keep his legacy intact.

"Revealing Brannick was Goliath in the first series almost felt like a confessional," James adds. "It now feels quite liberating in terms of flexibility if I get hold of this secret without even the audience knowing it." "It''s also crucial to be able to navigate the complex chess game Brannick plays with all the different characters."

So Brannick is constantly reviewing the case while simultaneously manipulating it in Bloodlands series 2?

James says, "That''s right." "I think Brannick gets off on the power. I''d like to say he does not, but I actually think he can''t help it, especially with this lineline in series two. It''s impossible not to be corrupted, but rather empowered and almost sexualized by it."

Is Bloodlands still being recreated in Northern Ireland?

Absolutely. And proud Northern Irishman James relishes the possibility to return to his motherland for the crime drama.

"It is very much drawn to performing in Northern Ireland," says a Northern Irish actor. Bloodlands has an exciting aspect of a cat-and-mouse thriller with the complexity of a character like Brannick. Someone who, at his core, was on the lookout for an evolving Northern Ireland, and who, as we know, had to pay countless expenses and do some terrible things to live the same level of happiness. "It was just wonderful to be so grounded again in Northern Ireland, which becomes another character in our

Bloodlands season 2: Is there a trailer?

Yes, and it''s amazing...

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