The cast, plot, and the story of The House Across The Street, as well as the plot and the twisty new thriller

The cast, plot, and the story of The House Across The Street, as well as the plot and the twisty new

Channel 5 will entail positive intentions that will lead to obscenity. Formerly named Shirley Henderson and Craig Parkinson, written by creator Giula Sandler, follows a lonely mother who inquires about a missing girl in the community and joins her to help find her. She soon develops a bleak obsession.

Channel 5''s exciting psychological thriller, here''s all you need to know.

The House Across The Street release date

In autumn 2022, a four-parter film will air on Channel 5 and My5. However, we cannot see if US viewers will be able to watch the film, but please let us know if the show is picked up by an international screening service.

The House Across The Street plot

Claudia, a lonely mother and school nurse, follows Claudia, who has gone missing. She finds herself able to be an advocate for Emily and make some friends. Soon Claudia becomes embroiled in the case and is determined to uncover the truth. A lot of the story has involved her, including Emily''s devastated father Owen, her cold mother Sabine, and her 12-year-old brother, Dean.

Shirley Henderson is cast as Claudia in The House Across The Street.

Shirley Henderson is perhaps best known for her role as Moaning Myrtle in the films. She played Frances Drummond in the hit series and Siobhan in the 2020 drama. She has a strong film career, starring in several films such as, and in which she voiced Babu Frik. She has also appeared in, and.

Craig Parkinsonas George

In the 2018 film, Craig Parkinson plays affable English tutor George. He also played DI Matthew Dot Cottan in the hit police series. He has also played The Grand Serpent in as well as playing in, and he has also played Sergeant Sainfoin as well as voicing the character of Sergeant Sainfoin.

Who else is playing in The House Across The Street?

Emily''s heartbroken parents, Owen and Sabine, are played by Ian-Lloyd Anderson () andLisa Dwyer Hogg().

Sara Powell plays their neighbor Joanne, while Ronan Leahy plays her husband Dave. Luke Griffin( plays Leon and Claudia''s estranged husband, while NewcomersMyah MasonandCalum Jessplay siblings Emily and Dean Winter. Caleb Wilson plays Claudia''s son Rhys, while Eddie Brett, Francesca Europa, Niamh McCann, and Danielle Ryan play another roles.

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