What happened to Elisabeth in the Empress's last season? Is season 2 on track?

What happened to Elisabeth in the Empress's last season? Is season 2 on track?

Netflix has a hit series for Netflix with many people tuning in to the period drama that''s based on Austria''s Empress Elisabeth''s real-life and her controversial marriage to Emperor Franz Joseph.

In the Netflix series, we follow Elisabeth (nearly Sisi) as she adapts to royal life having previously experienced a somewhat relaxed upbringing. It also explores her relationships with others around her, including Franz Joseph''s mother and younger brother.

After Elisabeth''s wedding, we see her before and after her wedding, where she often criticized society''s regulations and opinions of the time, which was certainly frowned upon. This caused some worries following her marriage, and life wasn''t easy for the new Empress.

If you need a refresher on the period drama, scroll down to where we''ll be answering your biggest questions.

What happened to Empress Elisabeth in the Empress''s final?

Fans watched as Elisabeth struggled to adapt to royal life, and her mother-in-law Sophie applauded her greatly, so it was not long before Elisabeth intervened following a string of nasty actions, such as partying and getting drunk, speaking her mind, and sharing freely with commoners.

Sophie ultimately gave Elisabeth an ultimatum, which would require her to leave her carefree ways or leave the palace and go elsewhere. It would also have her marriage terminated so Franz could remarry. When Elisabeth refused to leave she was punished and forced to live as an Empress should, and was placed on a strict schedule in an attempt to rectify her behavior, putting a stop to anything considered indulgent or a privilege.

Elisabeth could no longer ride her horse or go on evening walks as a result of Sophie''s new rules, which means she was not allowed to leave the ladies in waiting time, and she was only accompanied by Countess Esterhazy. Moreover, Emperor Franz Joseph would only spend time with her at designated periods, so she was basically a prisoner with restricted access to people and things.

Despite Elisabeth''s diagnosis, her relationship with Franz became much better, as he seemed to agree with his mother''s decision to punish her, and Elisabeth worried that he no longer loved her for who she was, and just wanted her to become the perfect Empress figure instead, something that didn''t come naturally to Elisabeth.

Franz was expected to marry Elisabeth''s sister Helene, who would have been a more appropriate candidate due to her misgivings, and Elisabeth thought she would marry her instead because she was different and that he liked her.

As Franz looked on as if she was pregnant, Elisabeth took a leave outside where she asked the guards to open the gates. Once there, she shook hands with them, expressing her concern for Franz.

After meeting with a poor little girl who had no shoes on, Elisabeth decided to give hers to the child, which was hampered by royal staff.

The last episode comes to an end as Franz approaches Elisabeth at the gates, bringing her back to the palace where she''ll be treated during her pregnancy. In the end, Sophie is also aware of the news which she described as "good," so it is clear now the royal family is solely focused on an heir, which they hope will be positive news for the city as well as the royals itself.

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