The most likely candidates for the seat are the new Black Panther

The most likely candidates for the seat are the new Black Panther

The first issue of the highly anticipated sequel was clear. Riri Williams aka Ironheart (Dominique Thorne) is making her MCU debut, although the Dora Milaje are still some of the fiercest warriors, and with Chadwick Boseman passing, theres a new Black Panther to take the stage in the upcoming film. While the first trailer did not include much information about who the next Black Panther is, there were a few bread crumbs.

When Marvel Studios released the second official trailer for the MCU sequel on October 3, it became a little more evident that the next in line to play Wakanda is a woman. Take a look at the two-minute clip.

Here are WTWs best guesses about the origins of the new Black Panther, using casting news, inspiration from the trailers, and some comic book history.

Is Shuri the new Black Panther?

Shuri as the Black Panther is the overwhelming popular opinion and for good reason. For starters, Letitia Wright is taking her first role as the character as the character and she is heavily featured in the new trailer. She also is the most well-known in terms of technology and suits, especially when it comes to dealing with villains.

Because of these Marvel comics, Shuri does actually become Black Panther when her brother TChalla isn''t capable to be the hero. She is after all and his family, so it makes sense.

Is Nakia the new Black Panther?

Nakia, a prominent figure in the series, has been tapped by Lupita Nyong''os for the first time in the series. Given her close connection with TChalla, the character might admirate the costume for the hero. Lets not forget that in the original film, she was not above going "rogue" to assist people in need even if protocols were met. Furthermore, fans will remember she is also a very skilled fighter.

If Nakia is indeed the new Black Panther, this would be a storyline that extends beyond the comic books. In fact, in the comics, lets just say Nakia is more foe than friend to the superhero (to the TChallas version at least). However, Marvel has certainly gone when it comes to comics (i.e. Wanda Maximoff, aka Scarlet Witch).

Is Okoye the new Black Panther?

Danai Gurira''s Okoye is an impressive candidate to form the Black Panther team. There''s an argument to be made that without superpowers, she may have defeated T''Challa in hand-to-hand combat, so she certainly has the skill. It''s not so far-fetched to take up the role as the Wakandan superhero.

When one thinks of Dora Milaje, one instantly thinks of its leader, Okoye. As much as she loved her king and friend, she''s been fiercely loyal to the warrior bunch. So would she leave to adorn the black suit?

Perhaps she could bring her to the role of Dora Milaje. Perhaps Michaela Coel''s new character, Aneka, who is now in charge of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In the comics, Aneka really trained the skilled warriors, making it seem like she could fill Okoye''s shoes.

As for now, it appears like it''s good to have to wait until November with the release of to see who becomes the next Black Panther.

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