The release date, cast, plot, first looks for Lady Chatterley, as well as the release date for the Netflix adaptation

The release date, cast, plot, first looks for Lady Chatterley, as well as the release date for the N

Another remake, this time on Netflix! The famous 11928 novel by D.H. Lawrence (opens in a new tab), now sees Jack O''Connell and Emma Corrin in the lead roles of gamekeeper Oliver Mellors and Lady Constance Chatterley. This adaptation basically combines forbidden love, class divides, and sexual awakening. It also stars Joely Richardson, who played the repressed Lady Chatterley in the director Ken Russells TV miniseries in 1993, this time as nurse Mrs

So here''s everything you need to know about the Netflix film...

Lady Chatterleys Lover release dates

On Friday November 25 2022, the cinema will have a limited run and will be released on Netflix a week later on Friday December 2.

Is there a trailer forLady Chatterleys Lover?

There is no release date for Lady Chatterleys Lover on Netflix yet, but please let them know on this page. In the meantime, you may see these first-look stills from the film (see main picture above and below).

Lady Chatterleys Lover plot

When Clifford returns from World War One, she finds her love for him dwindles and she finds her hideout. She must choose between love and conforming to the needs of the Edwardian society she live in.

Emma Corrin is played as Lady Constance Chatterley in Lady Chatterleys Lover.

Emma Corrin plays Lady Chatterley, an aristocrat who falls for a working-class man. On season 4, she is best known for her high-profile role as Princess Diana. She has also appeared in and played Marion in Harry Styles.

Jack OConnell as Oliver Mellors

Oliver Mellors, a gamekeeper on the Chatterley estate and a Connies lover, has been named as Ross Trescot in 2005, as has gone on to appear in, and he plays Paddy Mayne in the upcoming BBC1 war drama s.

Joely Richardson as Mrs Bolton

In 1993, Joely Richardson was a prominent feature in the miniseries, and she is returning to the much-loved story. She has a wide following, including hits such as and to her name. This year she played Ethel Cripps in the series and also appeared in and.

Who else is playing Lady Chatterleys lover?

Faye Marsay, star of The Tonight Show, plays Clifford Chatterley, Ella Hunt, Eugene OHare. Rachel Andrews, Marianne McIvor, Nicholas Bishop, and Sandra Huggett are all on the cast.

A brief guide to Lady Chatterleys Lover the novel

DH Lawrence''s novel was first published privately in 1928, but in the United Kingdom and several other countries, the uncensored version of the novel was refused access until 1960, when it was subjected to a watershed obscenity lawsuit. The publisher quickly gained notoriety for its explicit sex scenes, class defying romance, and swearing.

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