Stanley Tucci: It's Time to See Italy in Season 2: All of us know about it

Stanley Tucci: It's Time to See Italy in Season 2: All of us know about it

The actor is back for a second season, with him again sampling Italy''s unique taste buds, revealing how the country''s food heritage and his fascination with the present times are revealed. Always remember that watching may make you crave pasta, red wine, and other Italian saveurs.

Season 2 is here to talk about.

When will Stanley Tucci''s next episode of Season 2 premiere?

Season 2 of Netflix will feature in the UK starting October 2, with the show streaming on BBCiPlayer, and streaming weekly on BBC2.

Season 2 is on course, but there is still more time to go. CNN has revealed that the docuseries will release all new episodes in the United States on Sunday, October 9, at 9 pm ET/PT.

Stanley Tucci is back! As he discovers the world''s most stunning food, people, and places, Stanley has found the Emmy Award winning series #SearchingForItaly, which premieres Sunday at 9 p.m. ET/PT October 3, 2022.

In October, four additional episodes will be available on CNN in the United Kingdom. In the United Kingdom, these four new episodes are expected to be released immediately following the first four episodes of season 2.

On Sunday, October 9, both the US and the UK audiences will hear new seasons of season 2; some are expected to be Tucci''s visit to Piedmont, while US audiences will see Tucci explore Italy''s Calabria region.

Stanley Tucci is looking for seasons 2 locations in Italy.

In season 1, the six episodes covered six cities/regions of Italy Naples/Amalfi Coast, Rome, Bologna, Milan, Tuscany, and Sicily.

Heres where made stops in season 2

Stanley Tucci visits the Veneto, once the center of a world-trading empire, and the home of the Floating City, Venice. Stanley explores the ingenuity of the Venetians, who have grown in the lagoon to enjoy the unexpected delights and challenges of it. Veneto is a fascinating food culture thanks to its aquatic environment and the numerous influences from around the world over.

Stanley Tucci visits Piedmont, a region that made the dream of unified Italy a reality. Piedmont now boasts a reimagined risotto and the elusive white truffle. In this episode, Stanley visits the region, which once once revolutionized Italy. Upon completion, Stanley will discover a mysterious past, but his intentions are always addressed to the future.

Stanley Tucci explores Umbria, formerly known as The Green Heart of Italy, while this small, mostly rural area enjoys Tuscany. And, with the greatest pork consumption per capita, Umbria is a carnivores dream. From wild boar hunts to incredible black truffle farms, Stanley will explore the possibilities of this land, while also questioning whether old traditions and religious orthodoxy are hindering younger generations from breaking through.

Stanley explores how Italian immigration has transformed the food scene in his adopted city of London. Forget what you think you know about this city. London is a culinary mecca in which Italian food from every region gets a chance to shine. The burrata is so creamy and pasta is so fresh that it may rival Italy itself. Italian cuisine has been pioneered in over a century, thus Stanley cannot speak.

Calabria (episode 5) Calabria is a rugged valley with spectacular mountain ranges and some 500 kilometers of incredible coastline. Calabria is connected to Basilicata in the north and separated from Sicily in the south by the narrow Strait of Messina. In this episode, Stanley Tucci reveals the history of this beautiful and troubled place, as well as his own family.

Check out some of season 2''s best moments.

Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy: How to Watch It

Season 2 premieres live on CNN, meaning you must have a traditional pay-TV cable/satellite package that includes the news network (many do, but best to check your specific package channel lineup) or a live television streaming service that has it, like Hulu with Live TV, Sling TV, and YouTube TV.

If you missed it live, streaming the show for pay-TV subscribers via the CNN app under "TV Channels." The series is also available on-demand the day after the broadcast premiere to pay-TV subscribers via the CNN app and Cable Operator Platforms.

All episodes of (season 1) are available on Discovery Plus for free.

Season 1 episodes are now available on BBC iPlayer in the United Kingdom.

Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy premise

Premiering at a time when travel wasn''t an option, provided a way for viewers to travel and explore Italy from their houses (portions of the first season were shot pre-COVID, with others completed following COVID guidelines).

Tucci explores Italy''s different regions and sampling their trademark delights in the second season. Here''s the official summary from CNN on season 2.

In this season, Tanley Tucci, who plays Italian on both sides, explores the world''s most popular cuisine including the heartfelt food markets inUmbriato the elusive white truffle. Tucci also travels to the local area of London, where he discovers how Italian immigration has evolved the food scene."

Is there a Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy Season 2 trailer?

Preview all of Stanley Tucci''s fantastic places and offerings in season 2 of, as well as the trailer for the show here.

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