As for the EastEnders spoilers, Alfie Moon is getting MARRIED!

As for the EastEnders spoilers, Alfie Moon is getting MARRIED!

In Monday''s episode of (7:30 pm) Alfie Moon receives some marriage news. See ourTV Guidefor full listings, but who is his fiance?

Alfie Moon is given some helpful advice from Freddie Slater and says that a gentle gesture may be the best option to help his ex-wife, Kat Slater.

Alfie creates a spectacular flower display for Kat, but the dramatic surprise is soon ruined when she discovers where the flowers have been planted.

Alfie pleads apologise and assures her that her friendship with The Vic is at an all-time high.

When a young lady arrives in the pub and drops the bombshell that Alfie is getting married tomorrow, Kat and Alfie are left unintentional!

Who is the mystery bride?

Howie starts his first day as a postman, giving him some bills to a struggling Chelsea Fox, who is too worried to ask her mum, Denise, for help with debt.

Elsewhere, Amy Mitchell and Howie''s son Denzel have decided to go school to be together.

Chelsea captures the young lovebirds together, and Amy urges her not to tell her protective father Jack Branning, who has arrived early.

Chelsea covers for Amy as Denzel makes a simple withdrawal, but Jack, who was awesome, notices quickly that something is going on.

Will Amy and Denzel''s views be wronged?

When Suki Panesar talks with Kheerat Panesar about a business meeting, Stacey Slater is unimpressed.

Eve is dissatisfied when Stacey tells her that she had made an online dating profile for her, and that she has booked a date for her at The Albert.

While on her date, Eve and Stacey bump into Suki and Ravi Gulati and Stacey spend no time defending Eve and warns Suki that she should stay away from Eve.

On BBC One, the discussion resumes on Tuesday at 10:30 pm.

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