Doctors spoilers: WHO is arrested in Letherbridge?

Doctors spoilers: WHO is arrested in Letherbridge?

Emma Reid (played by Dido Miles) is relieved that things have finally settled down with Roxy Piper, her noisy next-door neighbour, on (1:45pm - see our TV Guide for listings) or have they? On today''s episode of the BBC daytime drama, Emma is worried that police officers arrived outside Roxy''s house, and DS Matt Cassidy (Terry Mynott) was arrested. What''s the crime, however, Emma becomes suspicious. What exactly is Copper Cassi

Scarlett Kiernan (Issam Al Ghussain) is unsure when Yusuf visits her again, in a much needed pain. So Sid Vere (Ashley Rice) catch her in the act and finds out what''s happening, and says she can continue to care for Yusuf! Can Scarlett count on Sid to keep Yusuf''s SECRET?

Daniel Granger (Matthew Chambers) sees Miriam Downing, a stressed-out university lecturer (Caroline O''Neill, who plays Inspector Thursday''s wife, Win on ITV''s detective drama, ). Daniel is concerned about Miriam''s migraines. Is there any way she can take some time off work? But Miriam has a whole LOT to deal with, including a demanding university student, Leon Collier (Tashinga Bepete,

BBC One is continuing Monday to Friday at 1:45pm.

All of the latest episodes are currently available on BBC iPlayer.

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