Suki Panesar and Eve Unwin kiss again in EastEnders spoilers!

Suki Panesar and Eve Unwin kiss again in EastEnders spoilers!

In Tuesday''s episode of(7:30 pm. see ourTV Guidefor full listings) Suki Panesar and Eve Unwin share another deep kiss.

Ravi Gulati proposes that he conduct a business meeting with Harpreet instead of her, but Suki refuses and insists that she is fine.

Harpreet reveals that he has been working with Ranveer during the session and claims that Suki has had to abandon her morals to do business with him.

Suki is overcome with sadness and escapes in a panic. Eve notices that Suki is distressed and sneaks away from her date to comfort her.

Eve''s advice and wins over Harpreet, who wants to do business with her, gives Suki the advantage, and the moment he is sent to Mumbai.

Suki''s salutes Eve for her support and affection for forbidden lovers. Yay for ''Sukeve''!

Meanwhile, Alfie Moon attempts to explain to Kat Slater that Megan is not his wife and suggests that Kat meet his true girlfriend and learn the truth.

Will she accept his offer and meet Alfie''s mystery fiance?

Chelsea Fox admits to using Jack Branning and Denise Fox''s washing machine, because she cannot afford to replace her broken one, and a worried Jack offers her some money.

Patrick Trueman questions Denzel when he arrives home and admits to having feelings for someone. Denzel gives him the idea to give Amy Mitchell a gift and he decides to give her a personalized phone case.

After Amy tells them the news that she''s with Denzel, he takes the opportunity to inform Amy that he''d like to make their relationship official. However, Nugget Gulati, Lily Slater, and Tommy Moon mock Amy.

The rude comments made by the young couple are left unharmed and unreported.

On BBC One, on Wednesday, the broadcast will be for about 30 minutes.

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