Stu Carpenter discovers the truth about Coronation Street spoilers

Stu Carpenter discovers the truth about Coronation Street spoilers

In tonight''s episode of (8.00pm, see our TV Guide for full listings). Bridget assures Stu Carpenter the truth about Charlies'' death.

Bridget and Eliza are enjoying a brunch with Yasmeen and Stu, but as Eliza prepares to ask for Stu''s life in prison, it becomes too much for Bridget to comfort her and talk about how sorry he was at being sentenced for something he did not do, but she is shocked by what she discloses. Meanwhile, Dee-Dee sends Alya a voicemail explaining that the DNA findings will be published tomorrow.

Maria is upset by the disturbing comments made in an online post about her rehoming of refugees. Maria photographs David and Shona a trolls comment that gives him away where she lives. David asks Max if he can use his laptop, but she is suspicious when Max refuses to. As revenge for Daryan, David confesses to Shona that he believes Max is behind it, but Max does not reveal them. Is he lying?

Summer requests Aaron to leave his burden unto her, but he advises her to concentrate on his father and walks away. Billy meets Mike and Esther while they are in the flat, explaining that they are planning a charity clothes swap. Summer is grateful to the recipient.

When Sally plans a night out at the bistro tomorrow, Aggie tells Tim that the necklace Tim bought her was an old one and that he agrees not to contradict her story.

Kens get confused when Tracy apologizes for making a scene on his birthday, and offers to prepare lunch for Wendy to welcome her into the family. Wendy arrives at No.1, grateful for Tracy''s olive branch, but Kens is furious when she dishes up her offer - Deirdres speciality, stuffed marrow! Can Wendy give as good as she gets, win Tracy over?

The conversation with the public last week will be continued until Friday at 8pm.

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