Sally Metcalfe is betrayed on Coronation Street!

Sally Metcalfe is betrayed on Coronation Street!

In tonight''s episode of (8.00pm, see our TV Guide for full listings). Sally Metcalfe uncovers about Aggie and Tim.

After having sex for the first time in months, Sally and Tim are welcomed to Bistro where Ed is requesting them to share their table.

Aggies are irritated as Sally admires her necklace, but unaware Tim bought it for her. Consisting of Aggie''s and Sally''s misconcerned behavior, Tim sends her a text, but he is horrified to realize that he sent it to Sally! How will she react?

After Stu followed Bridget to comfort her and discovered her shocking truth, hes feeling less for knowing the truth, but it''s obviously a struggle for Yasmeen. Later, Dee-Dee calls into Speed Daal and informs Alya the results and she is shocked by what she hears.

Nick exposes a disgruntled Leanne that she has both received jail visiting orders from Harvey Gaskell in the post. They agree not to respond, and Nick tearches them up, but Leanne admits she has a bag of anxieties and wont be able to rest until she discovers what she wants.

Bernie has announced that she will pursue an additional job as a cleaner for a high-end agency so she can help the household. Fern is shocked by the fact that the cleaning agency is dodgy and that she should steer clear.

Fern immediately swipes a bank statement from a drawer and a top from Bernie''s ironing pile before fleeing out of the house. Bernie returns to No.5 after discovering no sign of Fern but Gemmas fears Fern is not even shy. Bernie is sooo old to have an imaginary friend.

Max dismisses David for allegedly interrogating him by the cops, but David informs Shona that the cops will see what the police find on Max''s laptop. Max replies with David for showing no belief. Later, David takes a call from the police informing him they are coming round to discuss them. Was Max telling the truth?

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