Week 3 of Dancing with the Stars: utterly horrifying (but not shocking)

Week 3 of Dancing with the Stars: utterly horrifying (but not shocking)

The judges are wowed and ballroom dancing, but when a contestant fails to land on the bottom of the leaderboard, it''s upsetting to say the least. Week 3 on season 31 was set to a James Bond theme, and this time it was former star Cheryl Ladd and her partner Louis Van Amstel who were shaken and shaken.

Cheryl and Louis landed in the bottom two in week 2 after their tango failed to spit out judges; to be fair, they followed the judges'' guidance to push harder in week 2 and ended up pushing too early in the competition. That gave them some hope and a second chance as New Jersey Housewife Teresa Giudice was sent packing with her partner Pagan for the second week in a row.

Cheryl and Louis'' elimination from the leadership team this week was a total shocker, given that it was Derek Hough''s "best dance" thus far, adding: "You look absolutely beautiful. Lets go, Cheryl!"

This Rumba from @RealCherylLadd and @LouisVanAmstels is so bright as diamonds #DWTS @DisneyPlus #BondNight pic.twitter.com/HFVTdtIgdjOctober 4, 2022

Vinny Guadagnino and his partner Koko Iwasaki were both on the bottom of the leaderboard as their rumba was set to "Thunderball." Despite his Las Vegas residency with the Chippendales, Vinny received some criticism from judges who encouraged him to train harder before heading for week 4.

Cheryl and Louis were in the bottom two with weatherman Sam Champion and Cheryl Burke, who earned a 25/40 rating for her samba at the end of the live broadcast on Disney Plus. Despite receiving her compliments, Cheryl was sent home.

The majority of contests are part of the competition and one part popularity contest, but it may not be an even 50-50 split if you grasp the meaning. There is no doubt Vinny had another chance to dance due to the supporters'' support.

Fans know that the best dancer does not always win in the final, making Cheryl Ladds just a little bit more. She was demonstrating amazing improvement, and making a statement about a lady in her 70s facing her fears and wreaking havoc on the crowd.

Even if the less popular couples dance well in favor of dancers like Charli D''Amelio, who plays 18 years old in TikTok, the voting system is a great dancer. (In fairness, Charli is a great dancer, but the issue here is the amount of choice and fairness.)

Fans had a great time deciding whether or not to leave Cheryl Ladds.

@RealCherylLadd, the girl I tried! You are a lovely person inside and out. I love you! #dwtsOctober 4, 2022

It''s time to say goodbye to Charlie''s Angel. @RealCherylLadd, you are a Living Legend to many. After your dancing, you''re a Living Legend to me! But it''s time to bid you adeiu. #DWTS #DWTS31October 4, 2022

Cheryl was seriously established tonight and no one can say it otherwise #DWTSOctober 4, 2022

Cheryl Ladd leaves the #DWTS Sam Champion? Totally ridiculous. She was fantastic tonight & he''s been a crap every week.October 4, 2022

That was BS. Whats the point of getting better and giving the judges the better performance are gonna be like you were better, but im not you sending you home. #DWTSOctober 4, 2022

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