Prime Video prices, channels, app, and everything you need to know about it

Prime Video prices, channels, app, and everything you need to know about it

Prime Video is Amazon''s movie, television, and sports-focused streaming channel, which sits alongside its shopping channel, and its a number of other services as one of the best reasons to buy a Prime subscription.

Prime Video has been a hit on billboards and adolescent shows since 2022, with huge shows like the one that has drawn a lot of viewers.

Prime Video may be confusing, as well: it includes videos that are free to Prime subscribers, some that you must be a Prime subscriber pay for to watch (like Prime Video Channels) and some that you must buy or rent separately. So it may be a bit difficult to get your head around the streaming service''s offerings.

We''ll clarify things for you, though, with our full guide to Amazon''s Prime Video.

What is the format of Prime Video?Is it possible to use Amazon Prime for free?

Prime Video is the primary term for Amazon''s all-time high. Search for something to watch within Amazon, and you''ll see the words (and logo) for Prime Video.

Amazon Prime, like Prime Video, requires a lot of movies and television. That''s the company''s subscription program, which, among others, gives you unlimited shipping, access to Prime Music, Prime Reading, and Prime Gaming, among other things.

To watch Amazon videos, you don''t need to pay a subscription to Amazon Prime. You may simply rent or purchase any available movie or show that Amazon has, including new blockbusters and little-known indie films. It''s just not free.It''s just not free.

The easiest way to understand what you get for free and what you have to pay for is to see the Prime logo on a video thumbnail. If it''s got the logo, it''s free with a Prime subscription.

FreeVee, previously known as IMDB TV, has a slew of free TV shows and movies, with advertisements scattered throughout.

A lot of extra movies and television shows are available for download. These are channels and optional additional subscription services.

How much does Prime Video cost?

What exactly does Prime Video cost? Well, it depends on where you are...

  • US: $14.99 (monthly) / $139 (annually)
  • UK: 8.99 (monthly) / 95 (annually)

A Prime subscription in the United States cost $12.99 per month (or $119 per year) but that price has now risen to $14.99 per month and a whopping $139 per year.

An Amazon Prime subscription in the United Kingdom costs 8.99 per month or 95 per year. Before September 2022 it costs 7.99 per month or 79.99 per year.

Those aren''t the only places where prices are rising, according to Europe''s annual plans. Italy and Spain were hit by a 39% annual increase (36 to 49.90), while Germany saw a 30% increase (69 to 89.90). Prime subscribers in France were hit the hardest, although their annual plan increased by 43% to 69.90.

What are Prime Video channels?

A variety of new features, from horror to kid''s stuff, romance to indie films, and a slew of other popular channels, may be confusing. (Channel availability varies by region).

BritBox, which specializes in producing top British shows for a worldwide audience, is also used by Amazon as a standard video channel. And then you watch it from within Prime Video itself, without having to track down other apps.

Before you register and see any of these additional channels, you''ll need a Amazon Prime membership, as they are essential to your basic Prime Video package.

After that, it''s just a matter of navigating through the dozens and dozens of available services to get something that tickles your fancy. Here''s just a few of the channels you might wish to pick up:

  • Acorn TV
  • BFI Player
  • Britbox
  • Brown Sugar
  • Cheddar
  • Curzon Film
  • FreeVee
  • Hallmark Movies
  • HBO
  • Mubi
  • PBS Kids
  • PBS Masterpiece
  • Showtime
  • Shudder
  • Stand-Up Karaoke
  • Sundance Now
  • Sports Illustrated TV

The entire list of attractions on Amazon Prime Video Channels is a far too long to be published. The best thing you can do is simply hop onto the Amazon Prime Video Channels section and see it again.

After that, you can get something to check out, subscribe (mostly with the option of a free trial), and then pay a monthly subscription.

What countries is Prime Video available in?

Prime Video is available worldwide in over 200 countries, so there''s a great possibility that you''ll be able to check it out wherever you are as long as you have access to a compatible device.

The scope of what you can see in a particular country may vary, however. That''s pretty standard, and a film that''s available in one place will not always be available in all directions.

What can you watch on Prime Video?

The short version here is that you may see anything and everything on Prime Video. OK, maybe not. Some exclusive shows like Disney Plus, however, aren''t available on Prime Video.

While Prime Video is also available as part of a Disney Plus subscription, you may rent or purchase Marvel movies. Otherwise, you can go nuts. This is after all.

You don''t understand how much video content Amazon has at its disposal. Between all of the free content you can watch on Amazon Prime Video, or all the things you might rent or purchase long before it hits the free end of things there''s more than enough video to last a lifetime.

Out of library content that''s available to all Prime members, the streamer has also developed a broad range of Amazon Originals to suit any need. Here are just a few of the following items:

How to download the Prime Video app

If you''re reading this article on your phone or tablet, you might be interested in downloading the Prime Video app so you may sign up or stream it. Since Amazon has a number of applications, you''re looking for one that is called "Prime Video."

You may find the app on the App Store here (opens in a new tab), for iPhones or iPads, or the Play Store here (opens in a new tab) for Android phones and tablets. For some devices, like Amazon''s own Fire tablets, the Prime Video streaming service should be pre-installed.

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