Nish Panesar returns to Walford with spoilers from EastEnders!

Nish Panesar returns to Walford with spoilers from EastEnders!

In Thursday''s episode of (7:30 pm. see ourTV Guidefor full listings) Nish Panesar plays up in Walford.

Nish Panesar is bringing his son, Vinny, into a panic on the Square. What trouble will Nish have following his 20-year term in prison? Will he rumble his wife Suki Panesar''s secret antics with Eve Unwin?

Will the father and son duo, depending on Ravi Gulati''s shocking revelation, take over Kheerat? Or do they have other policies in place for the family? Will Nish cop on Ravi murdered his close friend, Ranveer? There are so many questions to him to answer!

Despite Suki''s and Eve''s chemistry off the charts, and the pair unable to deny their feelings for each other, things take a sour turn when Eve is left devastated. What should have happened?

Elsewhere, Kat Slater has pressured Alfie Moon to correct the mistakes he has made. Will he listen to his ex-wife''s advice and rectify the situation he''s in?

On BBC One, it airs Monday, Wednesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings at 7.30 pm. You can also check out episodes onBBC iPlayernow.

  • Mick Carter -Danny Dyer
  • Linda Carter -Kellie Bright
  • Phil Mitchell -Steve McFadden
  • Ben Mitchell -Max Bowden
  • Honey Mitchell -Emma Barton
  • Billy Mitchell - Perry Fenwick
  • Jay Brown - Jamie Borthwick
  • Lola Pearce -Danielle Harold
  • Shirley Carter - Linda Henry
  • Sharon Watts-Letitia Dean
  • Zack Hudson - James Farrar
  • Martin Fowler - James Bye
  • Stacey Slater -Lacey Turner
  • Jean Slater - Gillian Wright
  • Kat Slater - Jessie Wallace
  • Sonia Fowler - Natalie Cassidy
  • Terry Cant - Brian Conley
  • Dotty Cotton - Millie Zero
  • Whitney Dean - Shona McGarty
  • Jack Branning - Scott Maslen
  • Whitney Dean - Shona McGarty
  • Ash Panesar - Gurlaine Kaur Garcha
  • Suki Panesar - Balvinder Sopal
  • Vinny Panesar - Shiv Jalota
  • Kheerat Panesar - Jaz Deol
  • Kathy Beale - Gillian Taylforth
  • Bobby Beale - Clay Milner Russell
  • Karen Taylor -Lorraine Stanley
  • Mitch Baker -Roger Griffiths
  • Bailey Baker - Kara-Leah Fernandes
  • Bernie Taylor - Clare Norris
  • Denise Fox - Diane Parish
  • Kim Fox - Tameka Empson
  • Chelsea Fox - Zaraah Abrahams
  • Patrick Trueman - Rudolph Walker
  • Callum Highway - Tony Clay
  • Violet Highway -Gwen Taylor

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