Season 2 of Crime: The plot, the cast, and everything we know about Irvine Welsh's crime thriller

Season 2 of Crime: The plot, the cast, and everything we know about Irvine Welsh's crime thriller

Season 2 has begun with Dougray Scott returning his role as a troubled detective. DI Ray Lennox is a serial detective who isn''t well-known.

The "psychological, procedural thriller" is being filmed in Scotland, basing on Irvine Welsh''s novel and directed on the screen by the award-winning filmmaker.

Scott''s performance in the first series has recently given him an international Emmy nomination for Best Performance by an Actor, and he''ll be leading a star-studded cast of British talents, including Joanna Vanderham and John Simm.

So here''s all we know so far...

Crime season 2 release date

The six-part series will air exclusively on ITV''s new free streaming service ITVX in 2023. We''ll be sure to reveal it once the transmission date has been confirmed.

Crime season 2 plot

A press release for ITV translates to the following:.

"In the second season of, Ray Lennox is ready to return to the fray at Edinburgh SeriousCrimes, hoping to prove fully recovered from his horrific failure by bringing Mr Confectioner to justice. But hes surprised to discover that the whole process is not as it appears, as lennox and Drummond become embroiled in a case of vengeance, identity, and social justice.

"The assault is linked to a deadly attempted murder on a high-ranking establishment figure at a posh hotel," Lennox says of the crime; there is an Establishment cover-up at play. "It''s not until the killer targets one of Lennox''s own team that the pieces begin to fall into place," Lennox says of the incident. "It''s not until the killer targets one of his own friends that the perpetrator has been chasing them for years."

Crime season 2 cast

Dougray Scott () will play alongside DI Lennox while Ken Stott (,) and Joanna Vanderham () will play as Chief Superintendent Bob Toal and DS Amanda Drummond for the second season. John Simm(,,, and Derek Riddell () will play alongside his father, while Dougray Scott''s son Gabriel Scott will play alongside him. Rebecca Root (, David Elliot), Laura Fraser (, Fiona Bell, Sarah McCardie (, Brian McCardie, John

Irvine Welsh on Crime season 2

With the help of Dean Cavanagh, the author has modified his own paper for the screen and is looking forward to working with Dougray Scott once more.

I liked working on the first season ofand Dean Cavanagh and myself are already having a great time developing scripts for the second series. It was fantastic to work with such a talented cast and we hope to push those memorable characters further this time. No longer a Mister Nice Guy from Dean and I. Dougray Scott is pleased to be returning in Scotland filming the crime sequel...

I''m happy that I can continue playing this complex and dynamic character, and to once more get to work with this amazing creative team. Season 2 takes us even deeper into Lennox''s past, and assists him to understand his persona even more. I couldn''t be happier!

Crime season 2 trailer

There isn''t a trailer for this one yet, but as soon as one planes, we''ll be sure to put it here.

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