Chesney Brown receives a huge baby shock as a result of the Coronation Street spoilers!

Chesney Brown receives a huge baby shock as a result of the Coronation Street spoilers!

Will Chesney Brown be introducing another member of the family in tonight''s episode of (8.00pm)?

Summer, Asha, and Nina assist with the clothes stall, but Summer is quiet as Aaron walks past. In the cafe, Gemma shows Chesney Brown a denim jacket she purchased from the clothes swap. But when she arrives to the loo her phone rings, and as Chesney gets it out, a positive pregnancy test occurs.

He is relieved when she tells him it is not hers, but she is determined to get to the bottom of the mystery. First, Daisy and Carla come under scrutiny, but it isnt until Paul recognises the jacket as Summers, who must cover his shock. He also asks her about the testing.

Walter prepares for lunch, leaving Fern alone in the jewellers. Fern, dressed top to toe in Bernies shoes, steals the shop blind. She exits the back of the shop and after stripping off her Bernie outfit, she retraces her ill-gotten gains with glee.

As Dev and Bernie return to No.5, a police officer approaches and tells a stunned Bernie that she has arrested her on suspicion of theft. At the police station, Bernie receives CCTV footage of her robbing the jewellers, and the penny drops as Bernie realizes with the horror that Fern has given her.

Felicity, the social worker, calls at No.6 and advises Stu and Yasmeen that until his conviction has been officially dismissed, Eliza must be taken into care. Stu is shocked.

Audrey, Gail, Nick, David, Sarah, and Sam gather together in the bistro for a Natashas memorial lunch. Nick makes a speech, but Sam apologizes, and explained to the family how he intends to meet Harvey to learn why he did the same way.

Audrey gives Sam a pep talk and believes she has given him much to Nicks'' relief. But does Sam have any other intentions?

On Friday, the conversation will be continuing.

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