The Next Big Thing Release Date, judges, contestants, how it works, interviews, and more about the new competition

The Next Big Thing Release Date, judges, contestants, how it works, interviews, and more about the n

It''s like meets meets meets The Apprentice, a new Channel 4 series! This series tries to connect amateur British food suppliers to win the distinction of supplying all Aldis supermarkets for a year with their inventive idea.

"Each week six producers will pitch head-to-head, but only two will be finalists, and only one person can win," says Anita Rani, who is invited to judge the inventive products alongside Julie Ashfield, Aldis'' managing director of buying, and fellow presenter Chris Bavin. "It''s profound that this contract is huge and this is their businesses over the long term."

Here''s all you need to know about Channel 4 vs. Anita Rani and Chris Bavin...

Aldis Next Big Thing release date

Channel 4 has a six-part series that starts on Thursday October 20 at 8pm.

What happens in Aldi''''s Next Big Thing?

The first week on the market sees a slew of producers competing to get a contract in the dinnertime category, which includes jarred sauces, ready meals, and meal kits.

"Six producers will pitch head-to-head, but only two will be chosen as finalists, and only one will win," says Anita Rani, who is judging the innovative products with Julie Ashfield, the world''s managing director of purchasing, and award-winning grocer Chris Bavin. "Winning this contract is huge and could transform one of these producers businesses overnight!"

Danni, who makes homemade Chinese sauces from her kitchen table, and Christian, who developed an award-winning chip shop chicken curry pie, among those invited to pitch their products in the Aldis tasting room. Both foods, however, are high-end ingredients and may end up being far too costly for Aldis customers.

Aaron and Leo, together with their edible insect menu, are aiming to convert bugs into edible insects, including nuggets and burgers made from protein-rich crickets! However, the farmers are pitching excellent in their sales promotion, but is the country really prepared to bring creepy crawlies to their dinner table?

"Meal kits are increasing in popularity as people aim for a dining experience at home," says Anita. "As of yet no supermarket has adopted an insect-based kit. I must admit Ive never tried crickets before and they are actually great quality. Will Aaron and Leo be the first to break crickets into the aisles?

Interview: Anita Rani and Chris Bavin on presenting and judging in Aldi''s Next Big Thing?

"It''s a fantastic narrative about people''s journeys from starting their small businesses to finally being potentially faced with the most incredible, life-changing order ever," Chris adds. "It''s a musical genre that''s kind of remarkable, but I''m still grateful for it." Anita says: "It''s like a Sunday League football team winning the FA Cup. For small food and drink producers, it''s not much bigger than this."

The following are a number of interesting food and drink innovations. Which stood out? Chris says: "All of them were fantastic. However, some were quite unlike any we had previously. So we tried burgers made out of insects, a chocolate bar with cheese and onion crisps in it, some Yorkshire pudding beer, and even chocolate pasta. At first you go, this doesnt sit right, but it doesn''t matter, but then you eat it and youre like, youre a genius."

"Yes, the Pastry Pedaleur pastries. Stephanie gives me a Mumbai look at traditional pastries. They were just amazing, and it''s one of the best I''ve ever eaten. But do you know what? Every single thing we tried and tasted was incredible, and it''s testament to all of these small artisan producers we have in this country."

Anita, we hear you tried a curry that made you cry: "Yes, food is emotional, and when something taps into your childhood like that, reminds you of something so authentic, what can I say? It just got to me!" Anita says.

The tasting room gets quite tense. How did you get the contestants at ease? Anita says: "We were on everyone''s side. We just tried to create an atmosphere where people got an opportunity to shine." Chris says: "Although, having said that, with the best will in the world, it''s still a frightening process. It doesn''t matter how friendly and supportive we were, its still frightening pitching to Aldis managing director of buying theres no getting away from that!"

Have you ever been asked to create a food concept that you might see on the supermarket shelves? Anita says: "I havent, although I really like cooking it its my happy place and its where Im most creative. However, there is a kind of Indian dish that Id love to see in the supermarkets here, which is Chindian, and this spicy chilli paneer is absolutely delicious!" Chris says: "Ive invented a pretty cool sweet arancini with left over rice pudding, which I fry

What''s the one foodie item you always put in your supermarket trolley? Anita says: "Packets of noodles. Sometimes, if youre feeling a bit tender then theres nothing better. They''re fantastic, especially if you spice them up a bit." Chris claims: "I was going to say the same thing for my kids. They''re fantastic in both of their clubs and school commitments. They''re amazing!"

You two seem to get on well. Chris says: "I was very pleased when I heard Anita was involved this show would not work without her!" Anita says: "We laughed a lot, but we were able to go through some before being there again! What''s great about this show is that it''s real, especially for people who would never see Aldis'' managing director. That''s pretty good!"

Is there a trailer for Aldi''s next major thing?

We haven''t seen a trailer for yet, but if Channel 4 is to release one, we''ll post it on this page.

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