Fans of Emmerdale anticipate that Chas and Al will reach their final stages as a result of the violent storm

Fans of Emmerdale anticipate that Chas and Al will reach their final stages as a result of the viole

Fans have confessed that they expect the horrific storm in next week to come to an end, including Chas Dingle and Al Chapmen!

In the dramatic anniversary episodes, viewers are slammed by the pair''s sleazy romance so that they''re begging the show''s producers to kill them.

Chas, a shady person on last night''s episode, was asked to come meet Al in the woods and tell him she loved him.

She told him she would leave his doting husband Paddy to join Al, admitting that she''s in love with the cheating businessman.

When mother Faith passes away, observers say she''ll be with her secret lover.

And they''re dissatisfied with the way the narrative works.

They are absolutely horrified that they want both Chas and Al to be victims of the storm that begins in Sunday''s special birthday episode!

Chas and Al''s romance have never been shared with fans.

After all, Al tried to stymie Chas''s business and literally burn down the pub.

People are really fazed by the fact that she''s chosen him over Paddy! One fan even claimed that their blood was boiling due to the affair!

Chas and Al have nothing more frustrating me than al-Saharanh. My blood is boiling. #emmerdale #emmerdale50 10, 2022

#emmerdaleOctober 11, 2022: Hate al and Chas so much

As the storm approaches the village, others are simply hoping that the whole messy business will come to an end.

Al is planning to meet with his inventor, but some viewers fear he will be allowed to leave Chas "happily ever after."

@emmerdale Uggh Chas is a real idiot. She really believes she will have "happily ever after" with Al, and he will probably die in the storm that''s coming October 10, 2022.

Hate Chas for what she does. Perhaps Al will not come out of the storm so wellOctober 10, 2022

While others are hoping it''s Chas who suffers, Chas has let her devoted husband Paddy care for her dying mum while she sneaks off for some afternoon tea with Al.

The #Emmerdale Anniversary film will enlighten you, as the author claims that there is no clue to what happens.Chas - (Paddy looking after her dying mum while Chas cheats on him)Charles - hypocriteNaomi - is blamed for her friends punching her! October 10, 2022

Others are just hoping that the wind that is approaching the village simply blows them both!

Yes, can the storm take the pair of them pls? If just Al died, I cant bear to watch Chas pine over him #EmmerdaleOctober 10, 2022

Do you have trouble managing Chas and Al''s situation, or are you certain that they may be able to make a mistake?

On ITV, the television is usually available every week at 7.30pm, with a Thursday hour episode.

The 50th Anniversary Episode is held on Sunday at 7pm.

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