Season 3 of London Kills returning stars, new cast members, air date, and everything we know about it

Season 3 of London Kills returning stars, new cast members, air date, and everything we know about i

Season 3 of the Olympics is here, and this time the team faces a hostile outside.

Where can I watch London Kills season 3

Season 3 on BBC One starts on Monday, October 17 2022 at 2:15pm, with each episode of the new five-part series appearing daily.

Season 1 and season 2 are currently available on BBC iPlayer. Season 3 will be added in its entirety from Monday, October 17.

London Kills season 3 set up

When the BBC One police procedural returns with a third trip, there''s no messing around. The previous episode involved the cold-blooded killing of Grace Harper, a witness in a police protection case.

While the new series picks up ten months after this tragic incident, she''s a very big front and center when we join the elite murder squad of DI David Bradford, DS Vivienne Cole, DC Rob Brady, and trainee constable Billie Fitzgerald from the start. It''s clear the once-close team is now a fractured foursome.

Is there a London Kills season 3 trailer?

In the video below, you may see the team reconnecting...

Season 3 of London Kills the main cast and characters

After discovering Harper''s body, DC Rob Brady (Bailey Patrick,, ) has lost his stomach for the job and is struggling with his harsh demands.

DI David Bradford, head of senior affairs, believes Brady''s trauma and covers his senior colleagues'' absences.

Meanwhile, DS Vivienne Cole (Sharon Small, star of, and) and trainee constable Fitzgerald (Tori Allen-Martin,, ) are not familiar with the whole story, but that''s going to change quickly and dramatically.

London Kills season 3 plot and crimes

In the opening episode, the team of painters and decorators is led back to the murder of Grace Harper.

It appears that both Grace Harper and Harry Steadman may have been killed by an officer or officer within their own police force. Nevertheless, everyone on the team is in danger, but their families are also in danger, as they sniff out corrupt and ruthless coppers among them.

In the meantime, the team still has to do the day job, and is faced with a host of complex killings throughout the series, including the tragic death of a schoolboy and an act of revenge tied to the Billie Fitzgerald family.

Season 3 guest stars and a new cast are killed in London.

John Michie, who plays DCS Jack Mulgrew, makes his debut as a guest star, including Lucinda Dryzek (), Joe Sims (), Deirdre Mullins () and Elizabeth Tan.

Jack discusses DS Vivienne Cole''s past and is deeply interested in the Harper-Steadman killings. But will anyone on the team really trust someone else?

Benjamin OMahony (, ) is also joining the cast. He plays Sergeant Ian Durrant, who discovers Harry Steadman''s body in the opening episode.

London Kills season 3 filming locations

Season 3 of a previous series was filmed on a location in London, as was the case with previous episodes.

Bailey Patrick said that while filming in a slew of great spots around London, viewers get to become detectives without leaving their armchair.

Robs is a retired military veteran. Hes got a strong conviction. Hes also trying to honor trainee Billie and to tame with Viv with David.

Who created London Kills?

Paul Marques (,,, and his team) conceived the series.

Paul mentioned that in every episode a strange, complex crime takes place. Through that youve four great cops and a fascinating serial story that unfolds across the series.

Will there be a London Kills season 4?

It remains unconfirmed whether season 4 will feature, but there are enough juicy cliffhangers to leave supporters wanting more.

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