The Masked Dancer UK 2022: Start date, host, costumes, clues, judges, unmaskings, and everything we know about it

The Masked Dancer UK 2022: Start date, host, costumes, clues, judges, unmaskings, and everything we

This masked extravaganza, which promises to be the''most beneficial'' to date, is back for the UK2022 series.

In outrageous costumes, 12 celebrities will keep their identities hidden.

Last year, Olympic gymnast Louis Smith was crowned the winner of the show as he was unveiled as Carwash. He also competed against a variety of crazy costumes in the first series, including Knickerbocker Glory, Rubber Chicken, Scarecrow, Beetroot, Flamingo, and others!

Bandicoot''s managing director, Derek McLean, and creative director Daniel Nettleton were honored last year to reprise the show for another series of crazy costumes, mind-blowing moves, and terrifying clues.

We are already planning for the most expensive series of the year, with the mayhem and planned for 2022.

Here''s all we know about the UK2022 referendum.

The Masked Dancer UK 2022 release date

On ITV and ITV Hub, the new series of reboots began on Saturday, September 3, at 6.30 pm.The next episode will air on Saturday October, 15.

The Masked Dancer UK 2022 costumes and clues

As twelve new masked celebrities prepare their best dance moves to winUK in 2022, let''s take a look at the costumes they''ll wear.

This year, there are a host of kooky ensembles, from Odd Socks to Sea Slug, and the show''s first-ever double act with Pillar and Post... but who will win this mascot?

Some of our costumes have already had their first clues! Can you sue who they are so far with the clues?

Dancing to their own tune... its Onomatopoeia

Who is behind the Onomatopoeia mask?

The Argentine Tango was did by Ed Sheeran onomatopoeia, but who might they be? Let''s take a look at their clue package...

  • Bring the noise could be a musician
  • Hugh Grant dance routine from shown in library
  • "I am one thing made up of many parts. A team of words, if you will" writer?
  • Pile of books on a table
  • "I do take stamina, but I''''m here for the long game"
  • Arsenal badge
  • "And if there''''s one thing that''''ll fire me up, it''''s the sound of the crowd at the stadium cheering to get me on my feet"
  • Boxing moves
  • "My body has been considered an anatomically perfect specimen"

Fourth episode clues

Onomatopoeia performed a street dance to Black Eyed Peas. Here are some of their clues from episode four...

  • "Is there a science to success? Is success the goal? That''''s the big question"
  • They do have their science kit
  • American ties
  • Two glass flasks of liquid "put them together and you can''''t go wrong"
  • Mathematical equation E=MC
  • In their field of work they''''re often kept on their toes
  • Horror book section
  • "I''''m no scientist, but I have been known to take a punt"
  • Science Fiction book section
  • Golden ear statue
  • "Warning: threat times three" sign
  • They like to "exorcise" both brain and body

Two ambiguities and a true are all.

  • "I put the ''''ooh'''' into ''''ooh-la-la''''"
  • "Ka-pow! I have trained alongside superheroes"
  • "A pitter patter left me seeing double"

Fifth episode clues

Irene Cara performed a theatrical jazz routine in Onomatopoeia. Here are their findings from episode five...

  • Not even close to getting a result anytime soon footballer?
  • "Life can be a game and I''''m always up for a challenge"
  • Colombian coffee beans
  • Likes to stay busy and start their day right
  • Male sign hanging on the mirror of a Mini
  • Learned how to steer their career in all sort of directions
  • Travelled the world but likes to keep it green and clean when possible
  • Missing donkey sign
  • Auditions sign during performance

We got to hear the celebrity''s voice undistorted, thus making one important word.

  • "Swankified"

Sixth episode clues

Onomatopoeia performed a funk/soul routine to Jamiroquai. Here''s their next clue package...

  • Likes the sound and look of words
  • K9 on cymbal
  • Woof, woof, woof
  • Known to be attracted to those who know how to wield words
  • Diary containing the words: "Went to the shop and bought 107 new hats," "AM- Brunch with friends," "feeling unwell" and a drawing of someone sleeping
  • Once trained with a total hero
  • Alien
  • Microphone

Lucky Numbers clue

  • Animal impression in real voice

The worm has been heard, but now it''s time for a fresh dance craze its Sea Slug

Who is behind the Sea Slug mask?

Sea Slug performed a fine commercial dance style to The Pussycat Dolls. Who do you think it might be from their clues below?

  • "It''''s very bubbly down here, which is a lot like me"
  • A red hat with the words: "Make Anemone Great Again" on the front
  • Friendly and a "big squishy softy"
  • Don''''t get on the wrong side of them because sea slugs can be a little bit spikey, but only if they have to be
  • Arrows going in one direction in a treasure chest
  • Glow in the dark is definitely in season fashion designer?
  • "If you need help, I might throw you a lifeline or two"
  • Going to make a splash on the dance floor could be referencing the show
  • "You''''ve got to hand it to me, this Sea Slug sure knows how to scrub up well"

Fourth episode clues

Sea Slug performed a dance hall chore with Clean Bandit. Let''s look at more of their clues from the fourth episode...

  • Started dancing from a very young age
  • Basketball
  • Performing has always been one of their greatest joys
  • Always been attracted to the creative arts
  • List of names from
  • Runner written on life ring
  • A little bit of natural rhythm will do you wonders
  • Two M''''s on the fish during their performance

Two lies and a truth

  • "My mouth might be moving, but you won''''t hear a sound"
  • "Tom Jones likes to ask me stuff, lyrically speaking"
  • "Can I get a shout out to all my bom baes?"

Fifth episode clues

Sea Slug remade the cha cha to Jennifer Lopez. Here are a few more clues to add to the clue list...

  • 1996 on clapperboard
  • "I might be a sea slug, but if there''''s one thing you can''''t accuse me of, it''''s being sluggish"
  • Greek vase
  • Travelled the Seven Seas to put themselves to the test
  • Photo of a historical figure with a red nose Red Nose Day?
  • Likes to seek out adventures and always on the lookout for new stuff to learn
  • Down written on a shell Down Under?
  • Very claustrophobic their fear factor number 1
  • There''''s a couple of colours you probably know them for best sports team colour?
  • Speed dating shown during their performance

We got to hear the celebrity''s voice undistorted, one noticeable word, thanks to Word Up.

  • "Goddess"

Sixth episode clues

Sea Slug got to the dancefloor for a theatrical jazz concert to take a look at their next clue package...

  • Started dancing when they were young
  • Wooden hand on ship wheel second hand?
  • The skills that they learned from dancing they applied to other elements of their career
  • The Two-Day Programme training scheme?
  • Broken penny in half
  • "Because if there was a patron slug of mischief and misdirects, it would be me"

Lucky Numbers clue

  • Fan mail category "Thank you for being a friend love Sea Slug"

On stage its Scissors, they will alter their own shapes.

Who is behind the Scissors mask?

Justin Bieber gave the Scissors a samba to him, but here''s what they have so far done...

  • Something of a funny girl
  • The word "Scissors" written in lipstick on the mirror RuPaul''''s Drag Race clue?
  • Considered to be sharp
  • Not always been described as the sharpest tool in the shed
  • Cactus pots
  • Like to take us with them wherever they go
  • Spotty cereal bowl could be Dalmatian link
  • Done her fair share of touring
  • Can handle a talent show
  • Possible that the oversized wigs during her performance are a clue
  • "These peepers are ''''feline'''' like they could use 40 winks" could be a possible Pussycat Dolls link

Third episode clues

Scissors wore a character rock dance style to P!nk in the third episode. Here are a few clues to add to their clue package.

  • "There''''s an elephant in the room and her name is Scissors" wildlife programme?
  • Not always been front and centre but likes the limelight
  • 50,000 seats posters with ''''Sold Out'''' across them maybe sold-out gigs?
  • Red Vespa bike
  • "Sometimes, not getting something is the way to get something, do you know what I mean? Like, life can imitate art, as they say"
  • Striking a pose in a salon chair
  • Frankfurter hot dogs with German flags
  • "What I''''m trying to say is that sometimes it helps to have a little bit of the X Factor in your life. It''''s certainly been mine" contestant? Or reality TV judge.

Two lies and a truth:

  • "I tried to find love before finding fame"
  • "Burlesque took an unexpected turn"
  • "A dumb decision led to a very fizzy mouth"

Fifth episode clues

Christina Aguilera''s contemporary/lyrical routine was performed by the Scissors. Let''s look at more of their clues from episode five...

  • "While I might not consider myself a singer first and foremost, I''''ve still ended up in the charts"
  • ''''President'''' on bunting
  • Been in the charts a record-breaking number of times
  • Ousted a musical legend from his post
  • Elvis figurine
  • Career has continually taken her in new directions
  • Mammoth
  • A lot of her opportunities came by pure chance
  • Bouffant hairspray
  • US flag cushion

Word Up is a great way to get to know the celebrity''s voice without being distorted, expressing one particular word.

  • "Bootylicious"

The judges threw the Joel card into a valuable case.

  • "Pick a card, Emmy card"

Sixth episode clues

The Spice Girls performed a hip-hop program. What other clues were discovered for the clue package?

  • "So even now, I''''m a pair of scissors. But that doesn''''t mean you can''''t still be solo" could have been in a band
  • "Finding another special pair of scissors to settle down with can take a while. And all the single ladies out there, trust me, I know what it''''s like"
  • Danish pastry could they be Danish?
  • Has had more than one relationship in the public eye
  • Was at the centre of a phenomenon
  • Whodunnit? script
  • Austin Powers music
  • Globe with pins on
  • Ditzy blonde can create visibility
  • Rainbow hearts

Lucky Numbers clue

  • "4-5-8-0-5"

Kick your knees up and make a comeback.The Pearly King is a beautiful creature.

Who is behind the Pearly King mask?

In the second episode, Pearly King was the first person to impress on the dance floor as they performed a contemporary fusion dance to The Jam.

So far, can you guess who they might be from their clue package?

  • "Welcome to the streets of London" specifically the East End
  • Part of a long tradition
  • Theatre binoculars in a guitar case
  • Isn''''t afraid of hard work to get to where they are
  • An apple and pear on the stairs
  • "Let me tell you, becoming Pearly King, it''''s been nice to try on another character for size. Sometimes, people can confuse you with the person they see on-screen. They forget you might be playing a role" an actor
  • Playing cards
  • CD''''s covered in sand and shells
  • The initial''''s DD on the stage
  • ''''King of the Hill'''' on the back of their jacket
  • King Street signs during their performance
  • "My mane is sometimes all I need to feel confident"

Fifth episode clues

Bodyrockers used Pearly King''s jazz dance style. Here are some more clues to add to his clue package...

  • "As a Pearly King, I might rule the East End of London, but I''''ve also ruled another land before this one"
  • Learner plates
  • Greek statue
  • "Haven''''t I seen you before on the old custard and jelly? That might be true but you''''ve also seen me on this TV night"
  • Pub interior Queen Vic pub?
  • His golden mane reminds him of a famous face he once worked with

Two false statements and a false story

  • "I never get tired of adventure"
  • "Some people have called me a ''''luna-tic''''"
  • "The title of Pearly King is not my only royal connection"

Fifth episode clues

The Black Crowes provided a samba to Pearly King. Let''s look at the other clues that his identity...

  • "How''''s about I tell you an old weep and wail"
  • X in the background X Factor?
  • "He''''d often stray in different directions to his pride"
  • Eventually packed up his crowded space and ventured out into the world
  • London to Hollywood plane ticket
  • Was able to make his arrival a roaring success

Word Up: We got to hear the celebrity''s voice without being distorted, saying one powerful word.

  • "Budgies"

Sixth episode clues

With these new clues, Pearly King performed a modern stomp dance routine to Madness. Can you guess who is behind the mask?

  • Frankie V Alley sign Frankie Valley from The Jersey Boys?
  • Not your typical male, but what you get is what you see
  • Likes to make people happy and doesn''''t want to fight
  • Likes to see the world, every river deep, mountain high
  • The Cock & Hen sign
  • "My old china plate" Cockney rhyming slang for "mate"

Lucky Numbers clue

  • Song category intro to by Duran Duran

These happy feet will not be uncoordinated with their Odd Socks.

Who is behind the Odd Socks mask?

The Jonas Brothers used Odd Socks to hoe down to a country, but let''s look at all of the facts we have so far...

  • Alarm clock that reads half past seven
  • Ergo soap powder Jonathan Ross pointed out that Ergo is Latin for ''''therefore''''
  • Turns up in a lot of surprising places
  • They''''re just like a sock warm, cosy and likes to dip their toe in lots of different adventures
  • Their feet have carried them in one big circle
  • "I know how to sniff out talent like a pair of stinky socks"

Third episode clues

Odd Socks played a hip hop/mashup dance to Montell Jordan. Here are some extra clues to help you guess their identity...

  • Odd Socks interview with clapperboard someone in film or TV?
  • "Mark it"
  • Costumes hanging on a washing line
  • Likes to mix things up and can still mix and match and still be presentable
  • Not really a set uniform in their line of work
  • Q&A page in a magazine
  • Didn''''t have proper training until later in life but isn''''t the new kid on the ''''sock''''
  • Their abilities have always been part of their family genes
  • Washing line
  • Soap box could they have been in a soap opera?

Two lies and a truth

  • "Just call me information o''''clock"
  • "Being a fan girl created my career"
  • "I was extremely lucky to land a meaty role"

Fifth episode clues

Odd Socks acted as a Paso Doble to Lady Gaga. Have a look at the rest of this episode''s clue package...

  • Three Odd Socks triplets? Or somebody who was in a band with three people?
  • "They say you don''''t really know someone until you''''ve walked a mile in their shoes. But me, I like to do the same, only in socks!"
  • Can really get into the feet of a person''''s character. Could be an actor?
  • Alien print
  • Robot, skateboard and a hobby horse
  • Never get frosty feet
  • Can mingle with anybody and everybody
  • Fridge magnets saying ''''Grumpy Uncle Les'''', ''''Rod'''' and ''''2009'''' with children''''s drawings of a fox and a snail
  • Factor in cleaning your socks as they can get a bit feral

Word Up is the first clue you''d get to hear the celebrity''s voice undistorted, revealing one tangible word.

  • "Insomniac"

Sixth episode clues

Beyonce gave the Odd Socks a military jazz pattern. Let''s get a look at their next round of suggestions...

  • "I could spin a yarn and try and convince you that I can predict the future"
  • Hiking boots
  • Career predicted the future
  • Three bottles of fizzy pop
  • Fish in the fridge
  • Love keyring on a key
  • Pants with the number 1 on them

Lucky Numbers clue

  • Mystery prop was

Who has been unveiled on The Masked Dancer UK 2022 so far?


Who is behind the Candlestick mask?

As a TV presenter and star Liam Charles, Candlestick was unveiled.

Talking about why he decided to take on the challenge, he said: "I thought it was quite different to what I do normally, so I thought why not."

Tomato Sauce

Who is behind the Tomato Sauce mask?

Tomato Sauce was unveiled as Steph McGovern, a popular daytime television presenter and journalist.

The presenter was the fifth celebrity to be eliminated from the competition.

Pillar and Post

Who is behind the Pillar and Post mask?

Pillar and Post were forced to withdraw from the show due to sustaining an injury, which resulted in their identities being revealed as legendary England goalkeeper David Seaman and his wife, professional skater Frankie.

Frankie said in a statement that "we were amazed how much we adored every minute!" It was great fun but a tumble pushed our Masked journey to an end too quickly, we had an amazing day, and we were so sorry that we had to hang up our masks without having to perform our final dance with you all!

"We have enjoyed being a part of this series, and we wish all other competitors luck when we continue to watch at home and try to discern who they are!


Who is behind the Cactus mask?

As choirmaster Gareth Malone, Cactus was unveiled.

"I''ve never met anyone else before than around my kitchen or in nightclubs in my youth," he said. "Ive always liked it and always felt like it was something I should do, should try, and I believed this was a really fun way to do it.

"I really like the presentation, and I thought it would be very unexpected for me to do this," said the man. Lots of people have actually responded to this question before whether or not it was me in one of the costumes or otherwise.

Prawn Cocktail

Who is behind the Prawn Cocktail mask?

Stacey Dooley, a TV presenter, was revealed to be Prawn Cocktail!

After being unveiled, the former winner told Joel that: "I had the time of my life. I loved it, I loved it! I wanted to pretend to be a daft, drunk, and irritating aunt."

"It''s been a scream, it''s been a total, total scream. "It''s been a really pleasant experience," said the man. "Thank you so much for being so gracious."

She has recently revealed that she was expecting her first child with Kevin Clifton.


Who is behind the Pig mask?

Pig was the second unmasking of the competition, and it turned out to be Joanna Page!

After she was unveiled, she told host Joel Dommett: "I had a wonderful time. The children don''t know or anything. I''m really thrilled as this is their favourite program."


Who is behind the Astronaut mask?

Jesse Metcalfe, a US actor, has been unveiled as Astronaut, who has become a famous figure in the film.

Jesse was asked why he chose to participate, saying, "I thought it would be fun because dance is something that really intimidates me," and that''s the fear that I was afraid to confront. This has been unbelievable, it''s one of the most zany things I''ve ever done in my career, but I''ve thoroughly enjoyed myself.

The Masked Dancer UK 2022 host

After presenting the last three series of and last years, comedian Joel Dommett will resume his hosting duties for this series.

The Masked Dancer UK 2022 judges

The judging panel has been confirmed, with Jonathan Ross, Davina McCall, and former pro Oti Mabuse all stepping down once more for the upcoming season.

Although Mo Gilligan is unable to appear on this year''s show due to touring commitments, it has been announced that football legend Peter Crouch will be replaced on the judging panel.

Peter said that the show is a big success for our household. When asked how I got involved.I am competitive and I''m currently stalking friends'' facebook pages to look for such interesting dance moves.

My social media, family, and friends will not be constantly speculating that im behind one of the masks! Another benefit is that if you are on the panel, you may check your social media accounts, and say, "It''s always happy to see my friends posing for one!

Don''t be afraid, Mo will make a surprise appearance during the screening, along with some other very special guests.

Mo revealed: I love being a part of the Masked Team so I''m appreciated to be missing most of this series this year as I''ll be working in the United States. But Ive got the perfect sub to take my place.A legend on and off the pitch and one of the nicest guys in the business, Crouchy knows a thing or two about fancy footwork!

Oti was confirmed to be returning as a judge back in February, with Derek McLean, the head of Bandicoot TV, saying: Yes, she will be reinstated. She has a great sense of dance skills and an exceptional ability for dancing. It''s a no-brainer that she is returning.

In the semi-final, Oti managed to correct professional dancer Craig Revel Horwood and model Kelly Brook, assuming that the other judges were completely wrong.

The first season of the series has included guest judges like John Bishop, David Walliams, and Holly Willoughby.

The Masked Dancer UK 2022 trailer

This year''s competition, ITV has released a first-look promo, where we''re introduced to the horrified characters who are coming to the stage!

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