Who is the Mole? We are confused about Netflix's reality television reboot

Who is the Mole? We are confused about Netflix's reality television reboot

Everyone is asked the same question about the Netflix reboot: Who is the Mole?

Like previous versions of the reality series, a group of total strangers has collaborated to complete missions to secure a cash prize. Whats the advantage? Only one of them will be walking away with the money.

Everyone in the group knows that one of them is actually "The Mole", an unidentified double agent who has to fight against the rest of the group and sabotage them without blowing their cover.

Every single contestant is suspicious of the rest of the group and is constantly looking for clues about who the mole is.

As each episode sees the group answering a quiz about who the Mole might be, nowledge is power, and those clues are crucial; the contestant who knows the least about them is hacked out.

The first half of the season is already available on Netflix right now. As of where we currently stand, we''ve examined how each other contestant has fared so far and how likely we believe They will be The Mole.

*Major spoilers for episodes 1-5 of the coming season*

Which Netflix''s reality show is the Mole?Is Joi the mole?

Although we can''t definitively say who the Mole is as the series has not come to an end yet, we certainly have our suspicions. Among the remaining eight contestants, we''d say thatJoiseems is to be the most probable candidate.

Joi has cost the team much more than anyone else so far after placing that enormous bet following the Great Barrier Reef challenge, and it''s difficult to believe that she''s so bad at reading maps that she''d wreck two missions (the Jungle and Train tasks) as she''s a commercial pilot.

We''re also waiting to discover if she''s willing to pay the team another $15,000 in order to grant an exemption from the next elimination if she does, and whether she will be the Mole... or is she? There''s still a possibility that the double agent might be a member of the group.

Is Avori the Mole?

Avori, a pro gamer, has developed an unorthodox approach from the off: she has deliberately thrown suspicion on herself in order to force other people to vote for her, so that they can be eliminated during quizzes.

If she isn''t the mole, this double bluff might make her feel confident in the end, but it might make her a very effective Mole, as it makes it fairly difficult to determine whether she''s actually mole or she''s just behaving like one. Regardless, we''d definitely say Avori is worthwhile keeping an eye on.

Is Casey the Mole?

We don''t suspect Casey too much yet, but we would not exclude her from the races.

During the warehouse mission, Greg failed to assist Greg in the other task, and she took a less substantial role as part of the train team in episode 5. You may argue that her efforts in the Great Barrier Reef challenge were helpful, but did slow her team down somewhat. Some of the group have been concerned about Casey so far, but it doesn''t feel like she was yet the main suspect...but that may still change.

Is Greg the Mole?

Greg''s made a couple of plays that suggest him as a potential suspect, mainly because he stated that he wanted to "train people in and empower them to trust me."

In episode 3, he examined the office challenges, divided the team around $10,000, lowered that oxygen tank during the Great Barrier Reed task, and he wanted to open the clue and lose money during mission one.

Having said that, he managed to grab the other two mailbags on the train, and it would''ve been a difficult task to sabotage if he were the Mole, as the contestants only had a chance of getting each bag and adding the money to the prize pool.

Is Jacob the Mole?

Although we don''t suspect Jacob too much, there are two major flaws against him. Avori suspects that he was deliberately sabotaging the bank heist mission by mistakenly making money on purpose, but there''s every probability that these were genuine errors, and the fact that we clearly saw it in the show makes it appear like a red herring.

As for the fifth challenge, he and Joi failed to make it as early as possible to pay for their share of the money, but this seemed to be the result of Joi''s map mishaps, although it''s suspect that a firefighter would not be capable of completeing a relatively short drive and navigating himself.

Is Kesi the Mole?

Kesi is certainly a contender for the Mole during the train mission when she dropped the only mailbag she tried to grab in episode 5, but that''s not her only slip-up so far. She was not a very helpful teammate during the warehouse mission, and she also failed to notice the dinghy from the helicopter when the ship headed to the Great Barrier Reef (Avori didn''t mention the boat either, but she failed to spot it).

While sitting on a detonator, she didn''t understand the code in the bank heist, failed to spot the key during the jailbreak mission, and she was eliminated in the food challenge (and therefore not being fed unpleasant things). Regardless, whether or not her errors are genuine.

Is Pranav the Mole?

Pranav looks to be a pretty reliable teammate so far, so we don''t suspect him too much. He kept the rest of the group''s time as part of the on-foot team during the train mission, and he proved invaluable in the second episode as he found the password to protect his team.

That being said, he''s made it clear that he''s playing a similar game to Avori, and that he was the leader of the team that made the bank''s heist challenge. Was it simply because Jacob miscounted the money? Or did Pranav deliberately mess up the currency conversions?

Is Will the Mole?

Will is the person we have least suspect so far. He has only added money to the pot, and even managed to double the value of a case of money in one of the challenges we''ve seen so far. In episode 5, he opted for the Foot Team, and seemed to be genuinely trying to keep the other two members (Avori and Pranav) motivated as they tackled the difficult 7 mile trek to deliver their parcels.

That said, he often speaks up and steps in to assign different members of the team to groups, which might be an attempt to control and manipulate other players into roles where they''re more likely to fall up. Plus, he''s said that he wants some of the other players to suspect that he is the Mole after all...so is his success just an attempt to conceal his true identity?

Netflix has written a quiz that will allow you to test your own beliefs. To get it, head over to Tudum''s website. (opens in a new tab)

The first five episodes of Netflix are now available for download.

The second batch of (episodes 6-8) will begin on Friday, October 14, with the final two episodes expected to drop one week later on October 21.

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