Is Luckiest Girl Alive based on a real story?

Is Luckiest Girl Alive based on a real story?

Jessica Knoll''s Netflix adaptation follows New Yorker Ani FaNelli (Mila Kunis) who seems to live a perfect life with everyone dreaming of a successful writing job, a dreamy boyfriend, and a designer-clad wardrobe.

Yet, in both the movie and the book, Ani''s perfectly crafted life begins to shatter when she is asked to be part of a documentary that allows her to confront her terrible past that she tried so hard to leave.

Ani''s horrific past has been harrowing, but is it the plot''s core to a true story? Which book is the adaptation of the film?

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Is Luckiest Girl Alive based on a true story?

The novel based on Jessica Knoll''s best-selling version of the same name. Ani, a young Ani, is raped at a house party by a number of her classmates at a private high school.

She informs her friends Arthur and Ben what happened, who also have experiences of being bullied by the same group who raped her. Arthur and Ben go on to do a school shooting, killing the bullies, and killing Ani''s rapists in the process, leaving one paralysed.

Initial, the author said her novel was purely fiction and that the plot plot was based on other women''s experiences she had heard.

Nevertheless, in an essay for the Lenny Letter (opens in a new tab), she revealed that while the novel is a fiction work, Ani recalled experiencing the various traumas she experienced.

She explained the reason why she spoke out on TODAY (opens in a new tab): It really killed me to see the faces on these women when I would say, Oh no, you know, I just made it up, and I just never wanted to see that look on anyone again."

Jessica talked about her hesitancy and talked about her experiences.

She said that I always feel a little deserving of being referred like a brave or brave, because I had to (open up) in fiction. There were these dueling things inside me. I desperately wanted the release of my story on paper, and the validation of my recognition of what had happened to me as rape.

On the other hand, I was irritated by how people would read it and reach out to people who learned it when I was in high school, claiming that there was no violation and that I had somehow participated in it."

The school shooting narrative was not based on a specific event, but she told TODAY why she included it in the story.

"I still had my idea in my head that what happened to Ani wasn''t bad enough, because that''s what happened to me. I assumed I had to make it worse," she said.

What book is Luckiest Girl Alive based on?

Based on Jessica Knoll''s 2015 mystery novel of the same name (opens in a new tab) it is written in Ani''s first-person narrative.

This page is available on Netflix for viewing.

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