Somewhere Boy's date, cast, plot, first look photographs, filming locations, and everything we know

Somewhere Boy's date, cast, plot, first look photographs, filming locations, and everything we know

Danny, who has spent his entire life in isolation at a remote house with his father Steve, has discovered that he has developed a lie, and the outside world is not full of dangerous monsters, as he has been tipped to believe.

In a warped effort to keep Danny safe, Steve absconded when he was a baby. This led to fears about their future, which may make or break him as he confronts the real world.

Danny, Rory Keenan plays Danny''s dad Steve, Lisa McGrillis (Steves sister and Dannys aunt) and Samuel Bottomley play Aaron, Danny''s cousin, and Sue''s youngster.

Consolated with sadness, father Steve bought a house in the middle of nowhere and locked Danny in, telling him that the world outside was filled with monsters waiting to take him away. Just like they took his father.

Steve believed he had done the right thing, leaving Danny safe and hot, away from murderers and wars and drugs, and governments and burgers and evil.

They just stayed in for eighteen years, listening to Benny Goodman records and watching old movies with no sad endings. And thats how Danny grew up. It was all he knew about it. And he was so happy.

Danny turns eighteen, his entire world, everything he''s ever known, explodes in an instant and he has to confront a different world that he never knew existed.

Somewhere Boy release date

It is expected to air on C4 and All4 in October 2022.

A worldwide release is planned, but it has yet to be confirmed. Check back for updates.

Whos who in Somewhere Boy

The main characters and cast in this episode

Danny is seen at different stages of his life playing three actors:

Danny, 18, is a good teenager (Lewis Gribben)

Dannys reality is crashing down when hes introduced to the world outside his house. After spending his life in total isolation with his father, Dannys reality is crashing down.

Lewis Gribben is best known for his career as a drug dealer in the 2017s and TV shows, and.

"Danny has been trapped in this house for years with his dad, and he''s very curious about the outside world," Lewis said. Steve has told him about his incredible powers and danger, and he is also wishing to experience the outside world.

Danny was 7 years old (Samuel McKenna)

When Danny becomes a trusted seven-year-old, TV newcomer Samuel McKenna plays him.

Danny is 13 years old (Austin Haynes)

Austin Haynes, who has starred in,, and a young teenager, plays Danny.

"I was blown away by Samuel and Austin. They both were really nice. I was like, I have to follow up somehow!" Lewis says when Rory has a fan, Im third, I know it for fact."

Steve (Rory Keenan)

Rory Keenan is well-known for his roles in,,, and. As the series unfolds, viewers discover the extraordinary lengths Steve takes to to preserve his lies in his unintention to keep his son safe.

Rory talked to us about his character, saying, "The scripts are really effective and it does a clever job of repurposing this ridiculous notion and crashing it into contemporary life." As the story progresses, you realize even more about this past and the consequences of losing his wife.

Sue McGrillis (Lisa McGrillis)

Sue, a mother-of-three, plays Dannys aunt and Steves sister, known for Hebburn, Inspector George Gently, No Offence, Mum, and King Gary.

Danny is taken to life with his well-meaning but stressed-out aunt Sue and his socially irritated 18-year-old cousin Aaron, according to C4 Press.

Sue says she''s having two younger children, and Aaron is her teenage son. She''s an interesting person and working class. He''s a huge responsibility to assist Danny when he comes out of the house.''

Aaron (Samuel Bottomley)

Samuel Bottomley is the best known for,, and.

Aaron is a shy and awkward eighteen-year-old who is desperately in need of a friend, but his very strange cousin was certainly not who he had in mind.

While Aaron grew up watching YouPorn and YouTube, Danny was raised on a diet of, and. Living with Danny is a huge eye-opener for Aaron, seeing the world through his cousins eyes.

As Danny tries to find the real monster, the one that killed his mother, both Danny and Aaron start to emerge from their shells together.

Samuel spoke forth about Danny and Aaron''s friendship.

"I think Aaron is quite by embarrassed when he first realizes." Aaron is not a very confident person, but he doesn''t feel much need to do anything else against him in how people perceive him; he''s quite worried his street cred will be even further knocked down by Danny. "And that fresh outlook that Danny brings is excellent." Aaron is looking for someone who''s brought him forward a little more.

Additional cast

Paul plays Joanne Myers. Jamie Michie (,, ) plays Mark and Eva Pope (,, ) plays Angie.

Is there a trailer for Somewhere Boy?

Yes! You may watch it below and see the world through Danny''s eyes...

Somewhere Boy behind-the-scenes

Pete Jackson has written his first series, and it is his first for television.

Pete speaks out as he discovers how the world outside was so big that he could take him away. explores what happens when he finally leaves the house and is introduced to our world for the first time. It''s a chance to reflect on everything we think is normal through the eyes of someone for whom its all completely new.

The television project''s working title was originally set.

Gavin OGrady (, ) has been directed by Alex Winckler (, ) and Alexandra Brodski.

Somewhere Boy filming locations

In a series of stunning locations around Cardiff and the Brecon Beacons, the film was completely shot in South Wales.

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