Everything we know about Marvel movies in MCU Phase 6

Everything we know about Marvel movies in MCU Phase 6

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is evolving. The Infinity Saga''s final scene has led to the next saga of the Marvel Cinematic Universe: the Multiverse Saga. Both Phase 5 and MCU Phase 6 are now available across multiple movies and television shows.

Phase 4 of the project was launched in 2021, with,,,,, and other things coming to an end, shortly before the release of the first phase in November 2022.

Phase 5 of MCU begins in 2023, with its apocalypse of titles ending in in the summer of 2024.

From there, where will MCU Phase 6 begin? At San Diego Comic-Con 2022, here''s a breakdown of the films that have been revealed for the last phase of The Multiverse Saga:

Fantastic Four

TBD Director: TBD What you need to know: Marvel''s "First Family" is getting their official MCU debut with. Given the recent appearance of an 838-Universe Reed Richards in, we have an official confirmation that a variant of Richards exists in the main MCU. Although some doubt it, rumors and speculation remain.

Avengers: The Kang Dynasty

Destin Daniel Cretton Release Date: May 2, 2025 Cast: TBD Director Kevin Feige announced that The Multiverse Saga will conclude with the release of two films: and. We know Kang (Jonathan Majors) is being introduced in Seems like he''ll be enough to summon Earth''s Mightiest Heroes to stop him. Director Destin Daniel Cretton is planning the next installment in the series.

Avengers: Secret Wars

TBD Director: TBD What you need to know: Literally nothing is known about it after it will be released eight months after leading to speculation that something about ends in a cliffhanger leading into.

Given that the 2015 Hickman storyline (not to be confused with the 1984 storyline) had to do with incursions, Doctor Doom, and a new universe called Battleworld, it''s not far fetched to assume deals with Doom and incursions, particularly given the release of one year prior and the notion of incursions being introduced in. Now we''re living through the looking glass.

These are the only three releases scheduled for Phase 6 of the MCU. More are likely to be released in the future, including release dates for, and others. That said, anyone looking for the new direction of the MCU should look no further. The microphone has been dismissed and silenced naysayers by revealing the ambitious three-year gameplan.

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