How to read books from The Wheel of Time in order

How to read books from The Wheel of Time in order

Do you want to read books in order? Planning on getting ahead of the story so you''re ready for Season 2? Here''s how you can get up to speed with the books that inspired the show.

A legendary set of high-stakes fantasy novels written by Robert Jordan from 1990 to 2005, was put to rest in 2007, although a fellow fantasy magnate Brandon Sanderson was no longer interested in the series.

In 2021, the world of made its way to our TV screens after showrunner Rafe Judkins developed the show for Prime Video. It certainly feels like Amazon is eager to replicate HBO''s success with or Netflix''s take on.

While 2022 has been dominated by speculation, ''''s team is still hard at work on the show and is expected to start the season in 2023.

If you''re a new or returning fan, we''ve put together this guide to help you tackle all of Robert Jordan''s books.

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How to read the Wheel of Time books in order

If you want to jump straight into Robert Jordan''s world, here''s the list we''d advise.

When you look at the reading order, the only major obstacle you''ll encounter is where you want to read (opens in a new tab), the prequel novel, which was first published in 2004.

Although this is a prequel to the main saga, it is not intended to you to get acquainted with the world in the same way that the first full novel (opens in a new tab) does. is set 20 years before the main saga events, but the book is quite lore-heavy and presumes you are at least somewhat familiar with the previous books. Plus, if you pick it up first, it will spoil some of the events in the first few novels.

The problem here is that there is a gloomy disagreement about when to read in advance. Several people would suggest reading the books in advance of completing the main narrative (meaning you''d read after (opens in new tab)) but others believe it should be avoided until after you''ve read the last mainline novel (opens in a new tab).

If your first time reading through Jordan''s novels is successful, the first book may offer some interesting context, without properly spoiling information from the first few books. So, here''s why we''ve placed it where it is in our recommended reading order, even if there''s a lot of debate.

As''s story unfolds chronologically, once you''ve determined where you''ll be joining the book.

The ebooks are now available on the Amazon Kindle Store (opens in a new tab) and Audible has also produced a version of the first novel by Rosamund Pike.

If you become a die-hard fan, there are two additional books to consider: (opens in a new tab) and T (opens in a new tab). Although neither book is crucial to understanding the main story, they are certainly worth reading if you cannot get enough of Robert Jordan''s world.

During the writing, Jordan kept meticulous notes, and these companion books expand on what happens across the saga by revealing unknown people, lands, and legends, which will deepen your understanding of theeven though neither is crucial reading if you just want to know the main story.

How long will it take to read the Wheel of Time?

There''s no easy way around this: addressing all 14 books is a pretty major task. The paperbacks average out at 826 pages apiece.

The shortest book is the prequel, which is 334 pages, while the shortest mainline book is, which is still at 672 pages long.

To put this in perspective, listening to all fifteen audiobooks will take you roughly 461 hours or just over 19 days. Basically, if you sit down to read or listen to the books in order, you''re in for the long run.

Why should you read the Wheel of Time books?

Jordan''s novels have been highly recommended and have sold more than 90 million copies to date, and it''s easy to see why. They provide so much for you to get started.

The basic assumption, is a struggle between good and evil. According to prophecy, a reincarnation of The Dragon "The Dragon Reborn" is set to appear. The Dragon is the leader of the Light, a champion who will be able to unite the many kingdoms and peoples of the world against the forces of the Dark One, an evil entity that is unable to escape his prison and causing damage to the world.

As Jordan brings his universe to life in a slick detail, the meaningless world is richly enumerated. Plus, there''s a slew of characters to fall in love with, and a lot of magic and monsters to meet along the way.

With Robert Jordan''s books, you''ll experience classic high fantasy such as J. R. Tolkien''s (opens in a new tab) or George R. R. Martin''s series.

How to watch The Wheel of Time

The first season of Prime Video is now available for download, and the second series is expected to arrive at some point in 2023.

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