Season 1 of The Real Love Boat: The following episode, cast, and everything we know

Season 1 of The Real Love Boat: The following episode, cast, and everything we know

It''s time to get to the seven seas (or just the Mediterranean Sea) for a new dating show, which was inspired by the hit series that aired from 1977 through 1987. The reality show takes place on a luxury cruise line.

One lucky couple will make it to the end where they will receive a cash prize and a luxurious Princess Cruise trip. What is the chance to get married? Why did it take to join this?

The United States isn''t the only country to receive a licence. Australia is launching its own version on Channel 10, which will include Hannah Ferrier of Bravos. The setup for the game remains the same, and it will also take place on the Mediterranean Sea.

Here''s what we know about it.

When will the next episode of Season 1 of The Real Love Boat be released?

The first episode of this new reality series sees romantic hopefuls confront their first challenges, according to the news. "As Solid as the Rock of Gibraltar":

"takes the plunge into the spectacular port of Gibraltar, where the new couples compete in their first task, one step further: climbing up a mountain while truthfully answering personal questions about their romantic history. Back on the ship, the winning couple enjoys a private dinner at The Captains Table, as a result of the shocking answers.

The Real Love Boat is a part of CBS Wednesday''s reality show, which is divided between season 43 and season 34. On Paramount Plus, all of its latest episodes are available on demand.

Who is the cast of Season 1 of The Real Love Boat?

Jerry OConnell, who plays on CBS, and his wife, Rebecca Romjin, are co-hosting. To make it even more special, the couple is commemorating their 15th wedding anniversary while at sea.

"So with the help of Princess Cruise lines and our producers, please arrive in Istanbul, and I''ll be happy to ask the producers if I can do a little vow renewal," OConnell said of the ceremony (opens in a new tab). The couples will also be onboard to experience the laughter.

Captain Paolo Arrigo, bartender Ezra Freeman, and cruise director Matt Mitcham are among the crew members on board.

Here are the contestants who are looking for love.

  • Daniel Cooper
  • Brett De Laura
  • Michael Gonzalez
  • Marty Hassett
  • Forrest Jones
  • Nathan Kroger
  • Jordan Malabanan
  • Shea-Lynn Noyes
  • Alisa Shah
  • Emily Stone
  • Brooke White
  • Nicole Wong

Here''s how to get to know one of the cast members.

What is the season 1 theme for The Real Love Boat?

The romance on this Mediterranean voyage is full steam. takes place on a luxury ship and features potential mates who are looking for love. The unscripted competition show enables the contestants to face challenges to (hopefully) connect.

There are ongoing pit stops, allowing the cast to explore European destinations, such as Italy and Greece. OConnell said the show intends to bring back the "hopeful and joyous" side of finding love.

Is there a Season 1 trailer for The Real Love Boat?

With a short trailer, CBS is giving you a very, very quick look inside what you can expect on your television screen.

Welcome on the #RealLoveBoat! Romance is in the air, and we''re ready to find love starting Wednesday, October 5th on @CBS! 2, 2022

How to watch The Real Love Boat

Season 1 of CBS is available for purchase, which is one of the four major television stations in the United States that is accessible through a cable subscription. What makes a difference to traditional cable services, such as FuboTV, Hulu, and YouTube TV. As well as live viewing, Paramount Plus subscribers may also stream their local CBS station via the streaming service.

At this time, it is unclear if the broadcaster will be available for UK viewers either on television or on the Paramount Plus streaming service.

It would be a bad idea to see the original before the series premiere. Paramount Plus is a freebie to watch the 1970s show.

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