Fans of Emmerdale are in TEARS over the emotional Faith and Tracy scene

Fans of Emmerdale are in TEARS over the emotional Faith and Tracy scene

After Tracy Metcalfe (Amy Walsh) recounted the times when Faith Dingle (Sally Dexter) saved her life in tear-jerking scenes, viewers woke up during last night''s episode (Tuesday, October 11).

The much-loved Dingle matriarch''s health has spiralled since Faith''s devastating breast cancer diagnosis, but she has been determined to live her life to the fullest extent without treatment.

During the last night''s episode, a weak Faith was eager to plan a seaside trip with her family to remember their childhood memories.

Faith was denied the chance to go before being admitted to The Woolpack, which ruled out the family''s vacation. However, Faith was willing to leave, and made Cain (Jeff Hordley) promise her that the getaway was still on the cards.

Tracy went to Faith with her great-granddaughter, Frankie, after being slept on the sofa after her fall.

Tracy reassured her who she was and reintroduced her to Frankie as a result of the confused Faith.

Tracy reminisced about Faith''s saving her life after Frankie''s birth, claiming that Faith had saved her life.

Tracy passed away, and Faith discovered her hiding under her dad''s tree last year. Faith provided a picnic and persuaded her to get the help she needed to recover from her illness.

"You helped me get help, you helped me get better," Tracy insists. "I love my daughter every day. I''m loving her. And if it weren''t for you, I''d have lost all that, and she''d have lost me."

"I''ll tell you something," Faith told Frankie. If you''ve got half of your strength, then your life''s gonna be fine.

"She''s your blood, and your genes, you''re kind of lovely to have," Tracy told reporters as tears faded down her face.

While they prepared for Faith''s heartbreaking final, fans sat down at the emotional moments between the two women...

Tracy coming to see Faith get the tears started for meI''m going to be a chastised by the end of the week#Emmerdale #FarewellFaithOctober 12, 2022

This Tracy and Faith scene is really putting me on the verge of breaking up #emmerdale October 11, 2022.

The relationship between Faith and Tracy #Emmerdale is wonderful. October 11, 2022

#Emmerdale-City scenes from Tracy, Frankie, and Faith #EmmerdaleOctober 11, 2022

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