Best streaming deals for October 2022: discounts on HBO Max, Disney Plus, and more

Best streaming deals for October 2022: discounts on HBO Max, Disney Plus, and more

If you''re looking to save money by searching for the best streaming deals, then you''re in luck. Alongside free trials and exciting new original shows, discounts are often the most enticing thing that pulls us from one streaming service to another, providing us with access to a slew of new movies and TV shows without the cost.

Deals have become more common since streaming services started in the early days, but there are often a handful of platforms that offer discounts at any time.

Luckily for you, we keep our eye on the streaming services news, so we know when deals are running, and we''ll make sure to keep you updated with all the important ones going.

Deals come and go, so keep an eye on this page if you don''t know what you need right now.

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40% off an annual subscription for HBO Max (opens in a new tab)HBO Max is offering 40% off an annual subscription until the end of October, which saves you a bit of money on either an ad-enabled or ad-free subscription. This is because you have to pay for a whole year up-front. For this, you''ll only have to pay $69 for an ad-enabled year or $105 ad-free.

Student pricing for Amazon Prime Video is half price (opens in new tab)If you''re a college student, you may receive a half price off the monthly cost of a Amazon Prime subscription, which includes Prime Video as part of the package. This means you have to pay $7.49 per month, instead of $14.99.

Disney Plus: An imminent price rise (opens in a new tab)Disney Plus does not have anything on right now per se, but a price rise is anticipated in December 2022, so buying an annual plan for the service now might save you money.

Another way to save money on Disney Plus is by buying it in a bundle with ESPN Plus and Hulu, which costs you $13.99. Individually, those services would cost $25.97 a month, so this is a fair bonus available here (opens in a new tab).

Hulu: bundle with ESPN Plus and Disney Plus for $13.99 (opens in new tab)As discussed in our Disney Plus section, you may get Hulu along with Disney''s streaming service and ESPN Plus for $13.99, saving you $12 on the price of purchasing them individually.

Paramount Plus: a half-price annual subscription plus a free Fire TV Stick Lite (opens in new tab) This means it costs $50 for the Premium Plan and $25 for the Essential one plus, and you may get a free Fire TV Stick Lite on November 3, 2018. To get in on this, head to the Paramount Plus website (opens in new tab), click''redeem'', and use the code UEFA50.

There''s no such thing as the Disney/ESPN/Hulu bundle in the United Kingdom, but there are two ways to get cheaper subscriptions. O2 offers a two-month discount per month if you subscribe to one of its plans, but Samsung offers 6 months of Disney Plus for free if you own one of its Galaxy phones, and you may claim that by following this link (opens in new tab).

Paramount Plus offers a seven-day free trial with free access to its library. You can also try the trial of the Paramount Plus Prime Video channel in the new tab.

If you are a Sky TV customer, you get Paramount Plus for free, and you may check out the Sky TV bundles here (opens in a new tab).

Discovery Plus'' seven-day trial (opens in new tab) or bundles with other services Discovery Plus offers a seven-day trial (opens in new tab) of its Entertainment category (sans sports), which usually costs $3.99 per month. Additionally, Vodafone members may get 6 months for free details here (opens in new tab) while Sky Q customers get 12 months by going here (opens in new tab).

If the service contracts were wrong, they would not be a ''deal'', just a regular price. But there''s always one or two standout deals.

The Disney Bundle (Hulu, Disney Plus, and ESPN Plus) is a great option for those who want all three services. The cost, $13.99, is less than you''d pay for any two of the services, and it also gives you a third for free.

The majority of UK mobile operator bundles offer the best deals, so when you''re buying a new phone contract, you may often use that to get yourself cheaper streaming service subscriptions.

Usually, deals, like bundles and trials, are launched all year round. Others are only rolled out sporadically.

Black Friday, which will last for 2022, is a great time to search for streaming service deals. In previous years, we''ve seen great discounts on Disney Plus, AMC Plus, Discovery Plus, Hulu, and a number of Prime Video channels.

Certain businesses have ''days'' special, including Disney Plus Day and Amazon Prime Day, and we often get discounts on the corresponding services for a limited period.

While streaming services were new, each offered a wide range of incentives to assist you in developing this new-fangled mode of viewing TV. It''s not the case anymore, and actual discounts on streaming services are relatively minimal and far between.

A "good deal" on a streaming service may be anything that allows you to save money, but the most common we see are bundles, which group multiple services in for a lower price. This is a good way to save as long as you want all services.

The best deals are the straight-up discounts, particularly on annual subscriptions, as they save you the most amount of money (as monthly deals only reduce one month''s cost).

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