Season 2 of Big Shot: Release Date, Episodes, Cast, and Everything We Know About the John Stamos TV Show

Season 2 of Big Shot: Release Date, Episodes, Cast, and Everything We Know About the John Stamos TV

With Season 2, the Disney Plus original series is returning on the court. Get ready to watch Coach Korn and the Westbrook Sirens try and elevate their game to a completely new level. Of course, challenges are expected to arise.

Kelley, Brad Garrett, and Dean Lorey, the two creators of the Disney Plus original series, have conceived the first one of the series. One of the other is the fact that the series has been created by a television veteran; the other is the fact that it may seem like an odd tangent.

Here''s all we know about Season 2.

When is the Big Shot season 2 release date?

Season 2 debuts on October 12. Despite the first season of seasonal episodes, season 2 is making all of its episodes available to listen immediately.

What is the plot of Big Shot season 2?

Marvyn Korn, a basketball coach with a low energy, was kicked off his NCAA basketball team. First, hell need to learn to connect with his players, as well as his own teenage daughter.

The first season for Season 2 saw the team gaining a place in a higher division, but as the trailer for Season 2 shows (see below) there are just as many problems off the court as there are on.

Season 2 of the Official Synopsis

"This season, the Westbrook Sirens have even more to prove in his latest aim to get his team broadcast on ESPN and his aim is to recruit an unlikely player: Ava, a well-known beach volleyball phenom who had her public woes. This season, from losing their assistant coach Holly Barrett to a rival school, new friction among his teammates, a sudden and unexpected proximity to boys, and off-the-court catastrophes that nobody had anticipated.

Big Shot season 2 episodes

All of Season 2 episodes will be synopsed in this post:

Season 2 of "Ava Fever" "Coach Korn has brought in a fresh player that has boosted the Westbrook lineup."

"BOYS!" says Season 2 of Westbrook, which is becoming co-ed, causing a ripple effect for Coach Korn and the Westbrook girls."

Season 2 episode 3, "Tipoff" "The start of basketball season" is bringing forth unexpected challenges for Coach Korn and Coach Barrett."

Season 2 episode 4, "17 Candles," "Coach Korn tries to plan Emma''s perfect day on her 17th birthday."

Season 2 episode 5, "Field Day" "As Westbrook''s field day approaches, Coach Korn grapples with the consequences."

"It''s Going to Be Okay" season 2 episode 6, "A wildfire threatens everyone''s lives and livelihoods," says one witness. At Westbrook gym, people seek refuge.

"Playing House" will feature in Season 2 of "Standard 2." "After discovering that their house has burned down, Coach Korn and Emma merge with Coach Barrett."

Season 2 of "Prom," "Coach Korn, Coach Barrett, and the girls get ready for prom."

Season 2 episode 9, "Parent Trap," "Coach Korn navigates unexpected personal situations as his team prepares for the big tournament."

Season 2 of "Moving On" "Coach Korn and the girls get ready to play the most difficult game of their lives."

Who is in the Big Shot season 2 cast?

John Stamos has returned to the role of coach Marvyn Korn in season 2. He is a television icon for many, who is starring in the hit sitcom and later appearing on Netflix, and he has also had runs on shows such as, and.

Cricket Wampler (TV series) stars Samantha Finkman, Darcy Rose Byrnes () as Harper Schapira, Jessalyn Gilsig () as Emma Korn, Nell Verlaque () as Louise Gruzinsky, Tisha Custodio as Carolyn Smith, Tiana Le () as Destiny Winters, and Yvette Nicole Brown () as Sherilyn Thomas.

Sara Exheagaray () is the new player who will be recruited by coach Korn in season 2 of the show.

Big Shot season 2 trailer

The Westbrook Sirens are on edge. As the trailer for season 2, it includes a new teammate and the arrival of boys to their school. Check out the trailer for Season 2 here:

How to watch Big Shot

It''s a Disney Plus original series, so all of its new and previous episodes are exclusively available on the streaming service for US and UK viewers. While US consumers also have the option to sign up via the Disney Bundle or as part of Hulu with live TV.

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