The Big Brunch: The Competition Show's Release Date, Judges, and Everything We Know

The Big Brunch: The Competition Show's Release Date, Judges, and Everything We Know

The most significant meal of the day was breakfast. However, those who pushed this claim never went to a good brunch. Brunch is the meal that combines the best ingredients of breakfast and lunch, and in many cases, is served with a nice champagne beverage. Dan Levy, a member of the competition series, is launching a new contest series.

The show focuses on ten fantastic culinary chefs, who demonstrate their knowledge in the kitchen in an effort to impress Levy and his team of judges and win the six-figure monetary prize. What might be expected from this new cooking competition?

Here''s what we know about it.

What is The Big Brunch about?

Warner Media has described its core purpose as:

"Created by Dan Levy, focusing on one of the most versatile yet underrated dining experiences," says ten talented chefs in this eight-episode competition competition, who will be awarded a $300,000 reward for their stories and business dreams. With Levy acting as host and judge, chef Sohla El-Waylly and restaurateur Will Guidara, we foster the next generation of success stories in American cuisine.

The Big Brunch judges

Dan Levy, a four-time Emmy winner, is able to play the host and judge in the brand-new competition series. For those who haven''t seen the comedy yet, Levy is immediately recognizable to many TV watchers. (For those who haven''t seen the comedy yet, it''s currently available on Hulu.)

Sohla El-Waylly, an American chef, has been on the rise for a variety of New York Times cooking segments, and recently demonstrated how to make Hot Pockets a three-course meal.

Will Guidara, an American restaurateur, co-owns the Make It Nice hospitality group, which is responsible for restaurants such as NoMad in Vegas, NoMad in Las Angeles, and NoMad New York City.

The Big Brunch trailer

HBO Max hasn''t released a trailer for yet, but once one is available, you may have a chance to post it here.

How to watch The Big Brunch

This episode of HBO Max Original is a culinary competition, and as such, episodes stream directly on HBO Max. It''s important to make sure youre is subscribed to the streamer. Currently, the platform offers a few additional subscription options.

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