Players from Cyberpunk 2077 have requested that the Stadia cloud be saved from CDProjekt

Players from Cyberpunk 2077 have requested that the Stadia cloud be saved from CDProjekt

CD Projekt has released a legal save file transfer method for Cyberpunk 2077 players on Stadia.

Some players have discovered the below items, but google Takeout has provided some save files for the game. Anschlieend, files are then loaded into a PC version of the game.

Save files are also possible to transfer to consoles via the cloud and synched with a GOG account, but this requires a copy of the game on PC.

ORIGINAL STORY 30/9/22: It''s a news that the developer CD Projekt has made save files from Stadia available on the cloud.

The lengthy RPG has been available on Google''s Stadia platform, but now that is shutting down, players will no longer have access to their save files without cloud support.

Despite the fact that players may have discovered a solution, it appears.

"Can CD Projekt Red make cloud saving available for Stadia as well? "I prefer playing my save game rather than a game refund," a comment says.

Responses to the discussion provide some insight into what might be done rather than official cloud access.

Some players have seemingly been able to download their save file and import it to the Steam and GoG versions of the game by using Google Takeout, a technology that allows users to retrieve data from Google platforms.

On other platforms, players may access the game, via the cloud.

However, other players have struggled with this because Stadia is not listed as a data type in Google Takeout.

Eurogamer has requested that CD Projekt RED know if cloud access will be provided.

Both bug fixes and updates have made Cyberpunk 2077 popular, as well as the new Netflix anime Edgerunners.

It''s unclear how many Cyberpunk players are on Stadia, but being unable to transfer save files with hundreds of hours of playtime is unsettling.

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