Skull & Bones gets a rating, and it is possible that it will finally come out

Skull & Bones gets a rating, and it is possible that it will finally come out

Yo ho mateys is on the horizon

Upon arriving at E3 2017 with a bombastic cinematic trailer for a new game with pirates swashbuckling on the Indian Ocean, gamers were clear. Fortunately, we have had some pretty fantastic pirate games over the years, including the classicseries. It looks like it would be another unforgettable adventure on the high seas. That''s, if it ever comes out.

The next year at E3, we got another story trailer and a gameplay trailer, thus no signs of any conflicting waters yet. Despite the game''s whirlpool, Ubisoft Singapore, experienced some major changes throughout the game, including a few delays and other development difficulties here and there. Finally, a video in April gave us a good look at some gameplay systems, renewing our desire one more time.

The most recent update on the game is that ratings have begun coming in specifically, one from South Korea''s Game Rating and Administration Committee, according to a Twitter user @the_marmolade and reports from the Video Games Chronicle.

So its not just a substantial upgrade by any means, but it also means that the game is one step closer to being fully released. While the ESRB hasn''t yet published a list for the game, it is common for the Korean committee to release its ratings first, for a reason unknown to us.

This is great news for those who have never tried it before, because this game is expected to begin sometime next year. As a big fan of pirates myself, this is one I''ve tentatively kept an eye on since I first saw it at E3 in 2018, and I for one will be interested in joining the adventure on the high seas whenever I can.

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