The first console edition of Football Manager will be the best you'll ever get without a PC

The first console edition of Football Manager will be the best you'll ever get without a PC

When it comes to Football Manager, I recently discovered that I am towards the micromanagement end of the scale. Or perhaps more accurately, an speck in the distance visible only with the kind of magnifying glass I use to inspect my player''s daily training habits. While I''m the one you hear about with the spreadsheets and the 100 percent press conference attendance record, it has always made me a little dissatisfied with FM''s portable modes, as well as the recent Xbox versions.

A quick whip-round is given a few versions here, allowing you to play on PC only; FM Mobile is the lightest version for commuters and sun loungers, with a much improved set of features and systems; FM Touch is a slightly more thorough version of FM Touch, although it''s still a long way off from the full-fat Football Manager.

This year, as the PS5 version gets released, things have changed a bit. The Xbox version is gone, and there''s now FM Console, which is the same for PS5 and Xbox, although the Switch is still Touch. It''s certainly lighter than the entire version, although it''s far, far closer to it than it has ever been. In the end, it feels like the main, PC Football Manager game was the starting point here, but it''s also far, far closer to it than the Mobile version outwards

A console-style experience is intended to be somewhat simple, intuitive, and somewhat active. Football Manager can vary greatly in length, but as Stuart Boyd, the manager of the Console version, says it can also "be considered quite a passive game," where you make your preparations, line them up as you like, and then start a match and watch your team. A few subs and touchline shouts aside, it''s a mostly hands-off experience, which is mostly unexpected for console players. "We fashioned it all

"But then also, there are quick buttons for everything at the bottom," he adds. Basically, iot "makes iot more responsive, simplify the playoff, and thus increase the possibility of being extra accustomed to using cameras," he adds. consoles are usually used to get connected to televisions, while Football Manager is a popular option, for example, while people sit on the couch with a laptop and having a cup of tea while you advance through the off season.

Being on the one big screen in the lounge means it must justify purchasing up the one TV in the house, so you must feel like you''re doing it properly. "We want people to feel like, Okay, something''s happening there, I can examine my touchline tablet, check out the statistics, or I can make that major substitution where I feel like I must keep the controller in my hands because the games are quicker and faster, but also I know I can just get that solution out there."

With that in mind, Boyd explained that it wasn''t quite as simple as starting with FM on PC and returning from there. In a sense, it was the starting point, but his team, which was only formed in July of this year as a dedicated group to improving the console experience that only includes about a dozen individuals, instead started with several key "pillars" of what it is to play Football Manager, and decided what ideas might stay, and what would be tweaked based on that.

The most noticeable is the Onboarding program for Football Manager 23. The game will take you through the entire basics, including when you first begin a save. Trophies and achievements have also been reworked, smartly, to be much more accessible early on. At the same time, the team felt that the use of such a reward system would help newer players, who might be overwhelmed by FM''s depth, stay engaged and encouraged enough to keep moving forwards.

The most important feature of this game is the control system. Although it is fairly straightforward to divide menus and sub-menuities with a mouse, it''s quite a challenge to navigate the game, particularly when it comes to controlling individual tactical instructions. However, I found finding entry into and exiting from so many sub-menu and sub-menu menus with a few different buttons difficult to get done. Here''s why I found it extremely simple to

Until, that is, I discovered the cursor, which was somewhat under-advertised on the first-time setup. In the left analog stick, you get a fully functional PC-style mouse cursor, and from there you''ll have both been on the market for the first time, with the finest of my Claudio Ranieri, who has since resorted. For accessibility''s sake, it''s great to have two different control options, but in practice the two are both night and day. Following the discovery of

The actual descriptions in the UI have been improved, including some changes from the main FM23 version that''s already played on consoles (not all of the new features do), and recruitment is more of a "recruitment light" in FM Console, for instance, when the game''s version was revamped to provide even more detail this year, and the game itself remains unchanged this year, thanks to the SSD. I made an effort to include eight or so countries and a couple of leagues from each when starting my save

In other words, the PS5 version of FM Console left a good impression. I''d always recommend the whole game on PC because that complexity and depth of simulation, to tinkerers like me, is what Football Manager is all about. I think the real purpose of this game is to make sure you have the time to learn something new, and to help you throughout the journey.

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